The Summer School

The XVI ELAVIO will be held at Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves (Hotel Vila Michelon), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from February 5 to 10, 2012. The school is organized by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Informatics, Administration and Mathematics Institutes), Federal University of Santa Maria and Federal University of Pampa.

The ELAVIO schools foster discussions on foundational, interdisciplinary, and applied topics related to Operations Research. Historically, the ELAVIOs are attended by young Latin American researchers and M.S. and Ph.D. students. However, representatives from Europe, North America and emerging countries are welcome. High performing students with proven research experience on Operations Research are eligible to apply to scholarships.

The aims of the ELAVIO school are:

1. To present the fundamental scientific and mathematical principles of Operations Research to scholars, young and senior researchers;

2. To present an updated panorama of state-of-the-art research topics to graduate students  and recent Ph.D. investigators from Latin America;

3. To promote a scientific and technological forum of discussion and exchange between young and senior operations research investigators by fostering opportunities to establish long term cooperation.

The main topics of this ELAVIO school are:

1. Linear Programming;

2. Mixed Integer Programming;

3. Non-linear Programming;

4. Metaheuristics;

5. Graph Optimization;

6. Applications.

Courses will be offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Operations research challenges in an evolving world

5-10 February 2012.

Vale dos Vinhedos - Bento Gonçalves - RS - Brazil.