The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, will award the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Moshe Vardi of Rice University, Houston, USA.

The ceremony is scheduled for June 15, 2015 at the University Council at 10:30 AM.

The title is awarded in recognition of Professor  Vardi exceptional contribution, influence and worldwide research leadership in Computer Science.

Professor Vardi has made outstanding contributions to Computer Science, including the logical theory of databases, reasoning about knowledge, the automata-theoretic approach to program verification and finite model theory.


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The Institute of Informatics is a world-class center of excellence in Computer Science and Computer Engineering engaged in leading research, teaching, and technology transfer to Industry. It was founded in 1989 as one of the faculties at UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), which is the largest public university in southern Brazil.

The Institute has 75 faculty members, which makes it one of the largest Computer Science and Computer Engineering groups in the country. One of our main characteristics is a strong connection between research on software and hardware. The Institute also includes a team of 36 administration staff to provide support for a community of over 700 undergraduate and 250 graduate students.



The Institute of Informatics (INF) has an infrastructure comparable to the best universities in the world. Its 7,500m2 of built area include 23 lecture rooms, 12 teaching labs with over 510 computers, 35 research labs, 2 rooms of video and web conferences for defense presentations, meetings and classes, 4 lecture theatres, and a specialized library with over 22,000 volumes.