TS #7 Domain specific models II, #8 Decision making, TS #9 Complex Systems Modeling / Poster section

Session 7. Domain specific models II

Title: A Unifying Model of Legal Smart Contracts
Authors: Jan Ladleif and Mathias Weske

Title: Formal Specification of Environmental Aspects of a Railway Interlocking System Based on a Conceptual Model Authors: Dalay Israel de Almeida Pereira, Sana Debbech, Matthieu Perin, Philippe Bon and Simon Collart-Dutilleul

Title: From a Conceptual Model to a Knowledge Graph for Genomic Datasets
Authors: Anna Bernasconi, Arif Canakoglu and Stefano Ceri

Session 8. Decision making

Title: Decision-making in Knowledge-intensive Processes: The Case of Value Ascription and Goal Processing
Authors: Pedro Richetti, Fernanda Araujo Baiao and Maria Luiza M. Campos

Title: Conceptualization, Design, and Implementation of EconBPC – A Software Artifact for the Economic Analysis of Business Process Compliance
Authors: Stephan Kuehnel, Simon T. N. Trang and Sebastian Lindner

Title: DEMOS: a participatory design approach for democratic empowerment of IS users
Authors: Raphaëlle Bour, Chantal Soule-Dupuy and Nathalie Vallès-Parlangeau

Session 9. Complex Systems Modeling

Title: Finding Preferred Objects with Taxonomies
Authors: Paolo Ciaccia, Davide Martinenghi and Riccardo Torlone

Title: Generic negative scenarios for the specification of collaborative cyber-physical systems
Authors: Viktoria Stenkova, Jennifer Brings, Marian Daun and Thorsten Weyer

POSTERS – elevator speech
    • Towards Checking Dynamic Controllability of Processes with Temporal Loops
    • Using the Fractal Enterprise Model for Inter-organizational Business Processes
    • A conceptual vision toward the management of Machine Learning models
    • LabDER – Relational Database Virtual Learning Environment
    • Towards goal modeling and analysis for networks of collaborative cyber-physical systems
    • Integration and Analysis of Clinical and Genomic Data of Neuroblastoma applying Conceptual Modeling
    • Inferring Structure for Design: An Inductive Approach to Ontology Generation

Posters will be available at the coffee break