GME - Microeletronics Group

The Microelectronics Research Group (GME) at UFRGS is dedicated to the Design, Test, and EDA of integrated circuits. GME started research activities in these domains in 1983, and it counts faculty members and students from both the Informatics Institute and the Electrical Engineering Department. GME has maintained strong international interactions with Labs and companies in Europe, USA, and Latin America. From this group, over three hundred M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduated since early 1980´s, thus contributing to educate industry and academia professionals now active all over Brazil and abroad. Books, major research journal and conference publications on ICs were developed and published by the GME research, which lead to a significant list of student and faculty Awards from IEEE, ACM, IFIP, SBMICRO, and SBC Societies. This Group has contributed to the planning, the start up, and the staff operating the CEITEC company in Porto Alegre, the first commercial microelectronics facility and IC design company in South Brazil. GME actively researchs on topics like: Analog and Digital CMOS Design, Mixed-Signal Circuits, Dedicated VLSI Architectures, Hardware Design Methodologies (in FPGAs and ASICs), DSP Systems (for video, image, voice), Analog/RF CMOS Design, Communication Circuits, SoC (Systems-on-Chip), Networks on chip (NoCs), Embedded Systems, Digital TV, Fault Tolerant Circuits, Radiation Hardened Circuits, Circuit Variabilities, Device Reliability and Noise Modeling, Hardware Test, Logic Synthesis, Physical Design, and EDA Tools.