12o Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil – ONTOBRAS 2019

Main Track and Doctoral and Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO)

September 2nd-5th, 2019 – Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil

In 2019, the 12a edition of ONTOBRAS has two tracks:

  • Main track: articles describing research contributions in ontologies theory, development and applications.
  • 3o Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO): articles describing master or doctoral ongoing research project on ontologies, whose theses and dissertations have not been presented on the date of the event.


Ontology is a cross-disciplinary field concerned with the study of concepts and theories that support the building of shared conceptualizations of specific domains. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the application of ontologies to solve modeling and classification problems in diverse areas such as Computer Science, Information Science, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Knowledge Management, Semantic Web and many others.

The Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil (ONTOBRAS) foresees an opportunity and provides a scientific environment in which researchers and professionals in the areas of Information Science and Computer Science can exchange knowledge about theories, methodologies, languages, tools and experiences related to theoretical basis, to the development and application of ontologies. In addition, Masters and PhD students whose research is focused on Ontologies will have in the Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO) a space specially designed to discuss their proposals with specialists, receive feedback on methodological issues and develop an important network of contacts with the community.

In its 12th edition, ONTOBRAS 2019 is part of a tradition that has been in place since 2005 in Brazil, and was defined by the brazilian ontology community as a unique forum, highly qualified scientifically, for the presentation and discussion of ontologies and cases of application in Brazil. The WTDO is in its 3rd edition and has been consolidating as a rich space for discussion among researchers from different generations, contributing to the expansion and renewal of the ontology researchers community in Brazil.

Therefore, we provide a non-comprehensive list of areas and researchers communities from which we expect to receive submissions:

  • Conceptual modeling: conceptual methods and tools for formal representation of concepts in ontologies.
  • Information Science: construction and use of taxonomies, thesauri, knowledge organization systems, information indexing and other applications.
  • Logic and Reasoning: languages and systems of formal representation applied to representation and reasoning with ontologies.
  • Philosophy: philosophical aspects that support ontological modeling, top ontologies, mereology, essence and identity, among others.
  • Software engineering: ontology representation languages, system architectures, methodologies for developing systems based on ontologies.
  • Linguistics and natural language processing: extraction of concepts, determination of meaning.
  • Artificial Intelligence: integration of ontologies and other approaches of AI, such as learning, agents, knowledge based systems, among others.
  • Ontology applications in semantic web, databases, business modeling, information retrieval, various areas purposes (such as e-science, life sciences, e-business, e-government, culture, education).

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit theoretical, technical and practical research contributions that directly or indirectly address the issues above. We welcome submissions from philosophical and theoretical foundations to new technologies and innovative applications.

ONTOBRAS this year will feature the following keynote speeches:

  • Nicola Guarino (LOA, Itália)
  • Mathias Brochhausen (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, EUA) e
  • Giancarlo Guizzardi (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Itália e UFES, Brasil).


  • Submissions:
    • MAIN TRACK: May 7th (abstract) – May 13th (paper)
    • WTDO: May 13th
  • Notification of acceptance for presentation: NEW DATE June 17th, 2019
  • Submission of publication version: June 24th, 2019


Suggested topics of interest for the event include, but are not limited to:

  • Ontology and Conceptual Modeling:
    • Ontological foundations for conceptual modeling and metamodeling
    • Foundational and upper-level ontologies
    • Semantic consistency
    • Ontology-based conceptual modeling tools and environments
  • Ontologies and Knowledge Organization:
    • Facets Theory
    • Concept Theory
    • Terminology
    • Folksonomies
    • Documentary languages
    • Thesaurus
    • Taxonomies
    • Metadata
  • Ontology Engineering:
    • Methodology, languages and tools
    • Composition and modularity
    • Merging, mapping and alignment
    • Ontology language interoperability
    • Ontology design patterns and anti-patterns
    • Ontology validation
    • Integration methods, problems and practice
  • Semantic Web:
    • Modelling
    • Information retrieval
    • Ontology Search
    • LOD applications
  • Ontology and Natural Language Processing:
    • Linguistic ontologies applied to text processing
    • Computational Linguistics
  • Ontology applications:
    • Ontology for e-science, life-sciences, e-business and cultural applications
    • Knowledge management
    • Ontologies and semantic technologies in education
    • Ontology-driven information systems design
    • Business modeling
  • Ontology Visualization


Submissions (maximum of 12 pages) must be written in PORTUGUESE, SPANISH or ENGLISH. All submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field. Based on reviewers’ assessments, a submission may be recommended to be accepted for oral presentation (typically well-evaluated articles that describe research with clear results) or for quick oral and poster presentation (usually well-evaluated articles describing work in progress).

All submissions must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and must follow the article formatting rules provided by the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC). The models for Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice and Latex can be downloaded at:


Submissions to the main track must be made via Easychair using the following URL:


The conference proceedings will be published in the online journal CEUR-WS.


WTDO 2019 will accept research proposals at master and doctoral level, and will be held during Ontobras 2019, in Porto Alegre. Master or PhD students interested in participating in detailed discussions about their ongoing research at WTDO are invited to submit their research proposal and research sheet.

The Research Sheet must appear on the first 2 pages of the submission, in which the student must fill in the template on this link.

The Research Proposal should appear on the 3rd page of the submission, and should occupy a maximum of 6 additional pages, including references (each submission must contain a maximum of 8 pages, including the research sheet and proposal). The pages of the research proposal must follow the TEMPLATE of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC). Templates for MS Word, LibreOffice and LaTeX can be downloaded from the SBC website:


Submissions should be written in PORTUGUESE, SPANISH or ENGLISH, in a PDF file. The research proposals accepted for presentation in WTDO will be published next to the proceedings of Ontobras.

Submissions must be done through Easychair at:


In addition, the research advisers should send an e-mail to wtdo2019@easychair.org stating that they are aware of and agree to the submission of work to WTDO 2019.

The same manuscript (text or title) can not be submitted on both Ontobras tracks. Research papers already defended or with a date of defense planned for before the event will not be considered.


The proposals submitted will be analyzed by the Ontobras steering committee. The review will take into account both its originality, clarity and relevance in defining the problem and the purpose of the research, the analysis of the state of the art and related works, the adequacy of the research method used, the quality of the text, the research potential to advance the area of research in Ontologies and if the work is in a phase where the student can benefit from participating in the Workshop (research proposals that are already concluded or defended will not be accepted). Submissions not selected for presentation at WTDO will also receive feedback from reviewers.


Accepted papers must be presented exclusively by the candidate student, at the Workshop during Ontobras. The student will receive feedback from a board of senior researchers in the area, and the session will be open to all Ontobras participants. All presenters should attend all of the Workshop sessions in order to create a qualified venue for good discussions. The schedule will provide the presenters with substantial time for discussions and questions by participating researchers and other students.

WTDO 2019 presentations will be evaluated in loco by previously designated area experts, and the results of evaluations (considering both submission and presentation) will serve as a basis for selection of the 2 best papers (1 at master level and 1 at doctoral level) of WTDO 2019. The best papers will be announced during the event, and will receive as a prize the exemption of the registration fee in the next edition of Ontobras, valid exclusively for the student author of the selected research.