About our University

UFRGS is one of the most important universities in Latin America. In 2013, it was ranked best university in Brazil by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. In particular, in the Informatics Institute, the Undergraduate Programs are first-ranked and the Computer Science Graduated Program received the maximum degree by CAPES, being recognized as an international level program.


We are very interested in developing partnership with other academic and non-academic groups in the robotics and correlated fields. We are fully compromised with excellence in research and knowledge transfer. During last years, we have actively participated of IEEE RAS and IEEE SA communities, publishing several papers with established groups around the globe. Furthermore, we are also interested in exchanging students with other groups.

ORA WG at ICRA 2015 Awards Lunch

Raj Madhavan, Vitor Jorge, Joel Carbonera, Tamás Haidegger, Paulo Gonçalves, Stephen Balakirsky, Edson Prestes, Signe Redfield, Raja Chatila

P1872-2015 is cited in “The National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan” (pag. 32) elaborated by the US White House


“One example of an AI-relevant standard that has been developed is P1872-2015 (Standard Ontologies for Robotics and Automation), developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This standard provides a systematic way of representing knowledge and a common set of terms and definitions. These allow for unambiguous knowledge transfer among humans, robots, and other artificial systems, as well as provide a foundational basis for the application of AI technologies to robotics.”

Dec,13, 2016, IEEE launched officially the document "Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision For Prioritizing Wellbeing With Artificial Intelligence And Autonomous Systems" which aims to provide a set of insights and recommendations about the ethical aspects involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. This document was elaborated by over one hundred of leaders in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, law and ethics, philosophy, and policy from the realms of academia, science, and the government and corporate sectors. Edson Prestes, Φ - Robotics Research Group leader, participated of this initiative as member of two different committees.

If you want to know about this document and also about the initiative, please visit the link



About us

Φ - Robotics Research Group (Φ-R² Group) is held in the Informatics Institute and aims to study problems related to the use of robotics in field and indoor (FI = phonetically Φ) environments. We have been conducting researches on SLAM, self-localization, integrated exploration and ontologies using aerial, underwater and mobile robotics during last years in Brazil. Our group has solid relationship with different laboratories and groups around the globe, that include, groups from USA, France, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Portugal and so on.

In 2015, IEEE Standards Association approved the P1872-2015 (Standard for Ontologies for Robotics and Automation) document, elaborated by IEEE RAS ORA WG, as a new IEEE Standard. This is the first standard elaborated by IEEE RAS! Φ - Robotics Research Group participated actively in the elaboration of this standard. See our Awards Section