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Simplification of Complex Expressions

The goal of this project is to investigate and develop techniques, resources and tools for automatic text simplification. The idea is to rewrite texts making them more accessible and easier to understand to a larger audience. Our focus is in lexical simplification, where more difficult words are replaced by more familiar synonyms, and we are interested in lexical simplification of complex expressions (such as compound nouns like brain teaser, access road, nut case) which require a high degree of precision to maintain the original meaning and result in a natural and readable alternative.

Our target groups include children as first or second language learners, and texts in both Brazilian Portuguese and English. The aim is to help reduce the literacy deficit that is an unfortunate reality of a large part of the Brazilian population, by means of resources and tools that facilitate the understanding of a text.

The project Simplification of Complex Expressions is funded by Samsung Eletrônica da Amazônia Ltda. under the terms of Brazilian federal law No. 8.248/91 File:Samsung Logo.svg.png Wiki of the NLP research lab.

Project workshop may/22/15 click here