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Dissertação de David Steeven Villa Salazar

Detalhes do Evento

Aluno: David Steeven Villa Salazar
Orientador: Prof. Dr. Anderson Maciel

Título: Touching is believing: Exploring Physics-based simulation and haptics to feel virtual worlds
Linha de Pesquisa: Computação Gráfica, Processamento de Imagens e Interação

Data: 19/08/2019
Hora: 08h45
Local: Prédio 43412 – Sala 215 do Instituto de Informática da UFRGS

Banca Examinadora:
– Profª. Drª. Carla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas (UFRGS)
– Prof. Dr. Marcelo Walter (UFRGS)
– Prof. Dr. MHD Yamen Saraiji (Keio University – por videoconferência)

Presidente da Banca: Prof. Dr. Anderson Maciel

Abstract: Modeling the real is a responsibility which different fields assumed through history, from philosophy to physics. Although the objective is similar, the mediums used to model real-world is different from field to field. Nowadays, the modeling of the world taken a more tangible significance: Being in the modeled world, existing in the artificial world instead of the actual world. However, the path to get an artificial world equal to the real world is long and arduous. In this manuscript, we address this issue by exploring methods in computer graphics (Physics-based animation) and haptics to project a sensory representation of the actual world into the artificial world. We report results on Position based dynamics for simulating phase-change phenomena and interaction in VR with physical objects. Also, Ultrasound phased arrays, as well as wearable haptics for stiffness and softness rendering is studied.

Keywords: Physics-based simulation. Haptics. Virtual Reality. Robotics.