Utility-based Plan Selection Strategy

Ingrid Nunes and Michael Luck proposed a new model-driven approach to BDI agent development, which consists of: (i) a meta-model to capture agent softgoals and plan contributions; (ii) a plan selection algorithm using information provided by an instance of the meta-model; and (iii) a model-to-text transformation that generates code based on an instance of the meta-model.

This approach was published at AAMAS 2014, and it is implemented in BDI4JADE (version 1.0 or later). Besides providing an implementation of the meta-model and algorithm, you can run an example of the use of the approach (bdi4jade.examples.planselection.ExperimentRunner) and see a template for using it in the package bdi4jade.examples.planselection.template. The model-to-text transformation is currently not available.

Full reference of the published paper:

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