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Capability Relationships – Revised and Extended

The paper published entitled “Capability Relationships in BDI Agents” was revised and extended in the EMAS post proceedings. The full reference to this new version of the paper can be seen below.

Capability Relationships

In object orientation, there are different relationships between classes: association, aggregation, composition, generalisation/specialisation and dependency. BDI agent platforms that adopt the concept of capabilities allow capabilities to include other capabilities, but this is the only way that capabilities can be related to implement functionality.

In a paper published at EMAS 2014 (International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems), Ingrid Nunes explored different types of capability relationships and showed how they can be used. This provides a better modularisation of capabilities and a concise way to specify what is shared among them.

An extended and revised of the paper will be soon available in the EMAS post-proceedings, as well as the implementation of these different types of relationships in BDI4JADE.

Full reference of the published paper: