This Chapter is an initiative leaded by a group of researchers from different Institutes and Departments in UFRGS, USP, UFSM and FURG. It was formally approved by IEEE at June, 30, 2015, 16 days after the submission of all required documentation. Our inaugural meeting happened Aug, 7th, 2015 through videoconference system.

It aims to promote Robotics R&D across the regions covered by the IEEE South Section in order to attain some long term goals, like to

  1. Place Brazil in a Leadership Position in Robotics R&D;

  2. Establish a large scientific networking (national/international);

  3. Approach Academies/Industries/NGOs/Civil Society

  4. Use Robotics to solve Brazilian problems (humanitarian causes)

To attain these goals, this Chapter will

  1. Identify the Brazilian Players (Universities, Industries, Government, NGOs, Schools, etc);

  2. Promote the relationship among these players through local/national/international interactions;

  3. Promote events and competitions (in loco or remote) together with Brazilian Societies;

  4. Promote Chapter Activities in the Press;

  5. Find resources to allow students/researches interchanges;

  6. Stimulate the participation of Chapter members in International Efforts conducted by RAS.

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IEEE South Brazil

Robotics & Automation Society


Area Coordinators

Agricultural Robotics : Dr. Marcelo Becker, USP

Disaster Robotics : Dra. Flávia Farina and Dra. Tatiana Silva, UFRGS

Industrial Robotics : Dr. Renato Ventura, UFRGS

Humanoid Robotics : Dr. Rodrigo Guerra, UFSM

R&A Standardization  : MSc. Joel Carbonera, UFRGS

Roboethics: Dr. Fernando Osório, USP

Underwater Robotics : Dra. Silvia Botelho, FURG

Cloud Robotics :Dr. Marcos Barreto, UFBA

For general inquiries:

Dr. Edson Prestes



Dra. Roseli Romero



Administrative Committee

Dr. Walter Lages



Dra. Mariana Kolberg