Authors are invited to submit works in progress in all areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision. Works in progress are two-page original, unpublished contributions that describe ongoing research, sketches, extended abstracts of development projects or other technical information of potential interest to the SIBGRAPI public.


Accepted works will be included in the digital format of the Conference Proceedings.

Submission and Formatting Guidelines

Authors are required to submit fully formatted two-page papers, with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for final publication in electronic format (only PDF files will be accepted) through the online JEMS system. Submissions need to be anonymous for double blind-review and written in english.
Please follow the Submission Instructions at the Sibgrapi 2010 site.


All accepted works will be presented in a special poster session during the SIBGRAPI 2010.

Best Work Award

An award will be given for the best work presented at the WIP poster session.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: July 17, 2010

Notification of Acceptance: July 31, 2010

Final Paper Due: August 5th, 2010


Ricardo Marroquim (UFRJ) -  marroquim at cos.ufrj.br
William Robson Schwartz (University of Maryland, College Park ) – schwartz at cs.umd.edu

Technical Committee

Alceu de Souza Britto Jr. (PUC-PR)
Antonio Lopes Apolinario (UEFS)
Carlos Hitoshi Morimoto (USP)
Cláudio Rosito Jung (UFRGS)
Cristina Nader Vasconcelos (UFF)
David Menotti (UFOP)
Glauber Tomaz Silva (UFAL)
Helena Leitão (UFF)
Hélio Pedrini (UNICAMP)
João Paulo Góis (ABC)
João Paulo Papa (UNESP)
Luiz Marcos Garcia Gonçalves (UFRN)
Marcelo Siqueira (UFRN)
Nelson Mascarenhas (UFSCar)
Paulo César Cortez (UFC)
Silvio Jamil Ferzoli Guimaraes (PUC-MINAS)
Sinesio Pesco (PUC-RJ)


Best Works in Progress Papers

Surface Reconstruction from Point Sets
Renan Machado e Silva (UFRJ), Claudio Esperança (UFRJ)

Dynamic Voronoi Diagram of Complex Sites
Francisco de Moura Pinto (UFRGS), Carla M. D. S. Freitas (UFRGS)

Towards an automated method for incisor mandibular plane angle calculation: application to orthodontics
William Mizuta, Fernando Silva, Marcel Jackowski

Development of a Tangible User Interface for Emergency Management Applications
Adriel Radicchi, Leonardo Castro Botega

Geographic Information System Applied to the Extraction of Agricultural Data
Leonardo Castro Botega, Rafael van Winkel

Surface Reconstruction from Point Sets
Renan Machado e Silva, Claudio Esperança

Preservação Digital do Acervo Nacional: de Artes Indígenas até Obras Coloniais de Antônio Francisco Lisboa, o Aleijadinho
Caroline Mendes, Leonardo Gomes, Beatriz Andrade, Ronaldo Alburnio, Wesley Castelluber, Jurandir Santos Junior, Luciano Silva, Olga Bellon

Facial Recognition Via RAM-Based Neural Networks
Leandro Araujo, Felipe França, Ricardo Farias

Detection of helminth parasite eggs in digital biological micrographs
Juan Chuctaya, Raquel Esperanza Patino Escarcina, Cesar Beltran

Gigapixel Panoramas and Narratives: The making of love affair
Bernardo Santos Schorr, Luiz Velho

Fast keypoint detection by clustering of color in digital images
Gabriel Efrain Humpire Mamani

Dynamic Voronoi Diagram of Complex Sites
Francisco Pinto, Carla Freitas

A Comparison of BRDF’s for Photo Mapping
Alberto Barbosa Júnior, Antonio Alberto Fernandes de Oliveira

A Brownian motion simulator for analysis of water diffusion signal in neuronal tissue: an investigation of DT-MRI patterns in the brain
Luiz Real, Choukri Mekkaoui, Marcel Jackowski

Towards Live Cattle Classification Using Computer Vision: Building a 3D-Model
Gabriel Coutinho, André Saúde, David Menotti, Arnaldo de Albuquerque

Utilização do Aplicativo Gráfico AMI (Análise Multitemporal de Imagens) no Estudo da Variabilidade Espaço-Temporal da Temperatura da Superfície do Mar Estimada por Satélite na Margem Continental Sudeste Brasileira
M. Regina Silva

Towards A New Approach for Edge Recovering in Damaged Soybean Leaf
Antonio Carlos Nazare Jr, David Menotti, Tuneo Sediyama

A Preliminary Comparison of Histogram Equalization Methods for Contrast Enhancement in Different Color Spaces
Victor Hugo de Melo, David Menotti

Preliminary results on 3D facial expression analysis using 2D and 3D wavelet transforms
Silvia Pinto, Jesús Mena-Chalco, Fabrício Lopes, Roberto Marcondes Junior