The SIBGRAPI Video Festival is an exhibition of short videos (up to 3 minutes for  technical videos, and 5 minutes for computer animation shorts) generated with computer graphics or digital video processing techniques, which brings technical innovations and/or creativity. Scientists, engineers, computer science researchers, designers, artists, advertising specialists, and animators are encouraged to submit works that fascinate, innovate, provoke, and entertain. Videos that are related to papers and posters submitted to the conference technical sessions are warmly welcome. The SIBGRAPI Video Festival is a privileged forum where professionals, amateurs, production houses, research groups, and students can share experiences and exhibit their productions to a selected and specialized international audience.

The Video Festival takes place during one of the three nights of the symposium in an informal and cheerful session dedicated to innovation and imagination. Amongst the accepted videos, the best ones are selected and advertised as the winners of the Specialist Jury Certificate (one for each video category) and the Popular Jury Certificate (one for all categories).

The accepted videos are included in the CD-ROM of the symposium.


The videos can be submitted in one of the following categories (but not both):

  • Technical Videos: this category includes videos that explain the technical details of research developments in one or more themes of the symposium (mainly computer graphics, computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition). Videos in this category are evaluated according to inventive technical aspects of their production or the innovative techniques used to generate the images.
  • Computer Animation Shorts:  this category includes a broad range of short videos that involve computer-generated imagery in their making, such as promotional films, game introductions, advertising films, and experimental animations. Videos of this category may use traditional techniques, and they are evaluated according to their artistic, cultural or entertainment value, as well as the quality of editing and finishing.

Videos of a category that also have aspects of the other category are rewarded with extra evaluation points. Any form of computer graphics or image processing technique is eligible for submission. 3D animation, 2D Flash animation, live-action visual effects integration, or digitally manipulated imagery can be considered.

Submission information

Submissions are only accepted electronically, in MPEG format. VHS and Betacam are NOT acceptable for submission.

Videos must be available from a Web or FTP address, and the link should be sent in the submission form. There are many Web sites that offer space for your content for free (e.g.  SkyDrive).

Steps for submission:

  1. Download, complete and sign the Sibgrapi Video Festival Submission Form (available on PDF or Word formats);
  2. Register your submission using the JEMS system;
  3. Upload an electronic (digitized) version of the signed Submission Form to complete the submission procedure (TIFF, JPG or PDF formats).

Important: do not upload your video file directly through JEMS.  Upload only the signed submission form, that must contain a link for downloading your video file.

Additional Requirements and Orientations:

  • Use a separate form for each submission;
  • Sibgrapi 2010 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission;
  • The rights for using commercially recorded music’s (or performance rights in your video), if any, are your responsibilityThe decisions of the Jury are final and no review is possible;
  • The Specialist Jury is the Video Festival Committee and the Popular Jury is the audience of the symposium;
  • If you have problems with video format, you can use a software (such as VirtualDub) to convert your file to MPEG format. Please, note that Sibgrapi 2010 takes no responsibility on the proper functioning of the software.

Important Dates (Extended)

Submission deadline: July 25, 2010, until 23:55 Brasilia/Brazil time (UTC/GMT -3 hours)

Notification of acceptance (by e-mail): August 2nd, 2010

Final video due: August 5th, 2010, until 23:55 Brasilia/Brazil time (UTC/GMT -3 hours)


Isabel Harb Manssour (isabel.manssour@pucrs.br) – PUCRS, Brazil
Cláudio Rosito Jung (crjung@inf.ufrgs.br) – UFRGS, Brazil

Program Committee

Esteban Clua, UFF
José Pinheiro de Queiroz-Neto, CEFET-AMAZONAS
Léo Pini Magalhães, DCA-FEEC-UNICAMP
Luciana Nedel, UFRGS
Maria Andréia Rodrigues, UNIFOR
Soraia Raupp Musse, PUCRS


Technical video

First place awarded by both the Specialist Jury committee and the Popular Jury:

Authors: Luiz Velho Director (Visgraf/IMPA), Leonardo Carvalho (Visgraf/IMPA), Fernanda Groetaers (Visgraf/IMPA).

Computer Animation Shorts

First place awarded by both the Specialist Jury committee and the Popular Jury:

Buba e o Aquecimento Global/ Buba and the Global Warming
Authors: Rodrigo Olaio Pereira (Mono 3D), Eduardo Nakamura (Mono 3D).