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Research Groups | Digital TV

The Digital TV Research Center is involved in several layers related to the study and the development of digital television. It acts in the area of source signals encoding (mainly in a H.264 video chip and in software), the transport layer (multiplexer and SI tables), development of interactive applications (mostly Java), interactivity channel, and development of an IPTV set-top box, including the corresponding embedded system.




  • Gaspare Giuliano Elias Bruno
  • Ronaldo Husemann

Research Themes

  • Development of integrated circuits: The objective of the integrated circuits development group is the design and study of special purpose integrated circuits to be used by the industry of digital TV equipment.
  • Multimedia: Problems related to digital convergence (audio, video and data), including the analysis of issues related to the transmission through computer networks, as well as to the development of applications.
  • Computer networks: Research issues ranging from the transmission of information by physical channels to the various protocols and network technologies, including optical and mobile networks. Analysis of alternatives for multimedia communication with multicast and other one-to-many communication alternatives.

Recent Research Projects

  • PMM: Multimedia Modular Platform (2006-2008). Middleware, operating system and applications to add value to the Access Terminal. Funded by: FINEP. Partnerships: UFRGS, UFSC, Unilasalle and Digitel.
  • SAM: Adaptive System for Multimedia (2006-2008). Alternate encoding of video, broadcasting through computer networks, and adaptability in the receiver. Funded by: FINEP. Partnerships: UFRGS, UFSC, Unilasalle and Digitel.
  • SICREMAQ: Remote Training System for High Quality Multimedia. (2007-2008). Software and hardware Infrastructure to allow for distance learning through IPTV with interactivity. Funded by: FINEP / SEBRAE. Partnerships: UFRGS, Unilasalle, Univates, Inmetro, CSP, e-Trust and PD3.
  • CIANET: Development of interfaces for the video encoder (2007-2008). Hardware and software to support the generation of encoder. Funded by: FINEP. Partnerships: UFRGS, UFSC, and Cianet.
  • TECCOM: Development of a multiplexer for ISDTV (2007-2008).SI tables, software and hardware for a multiplexer. Funded by: FINEP. Partnerships: UFRGS, UFSC, and Teccom.

Recent Research Results

  • Development of an infrastructure for distance learning used by Inmetro undergoing tests to be extended to the partners of the RNP.