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Publicado em: 25/03/2015

Palestra com a Profa. Sandra Becker – Berlim

Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 27/3, a artista e professora Sandra Becker da Freie Universität for Graphic Design proferirá a palestra intitulada “Computação na Indústria Criativa”. A  palestra faz parte das atividades da disciplina “Ferramentas e Aplicações da Computação na Indústria Criativa”, ministrada pelo prof. Marcelo Walter, e acontecerá as 10h30min, na sala 108 do prédio 43425 (salas de aula), do Instituto de Informática da UFRGS.


As an artist working with technology I was always involved in big changes. From analogue to digital, from celluloid to zeros and ones. Already in 1998 when I was teaching at the Art Academy I did a seminar called “Algorithms”. We did digital editing based on zeros and ones.

At that time art and technology were two areas that did not interact at all. For good luck this has changed in our days. Both fields developed similiar ideas on open societies in the digital world. Now I am working in combining these two fields as there are lots of innovative processes involved that help both areas to develop into a good way. For art the open source development is very inspiring and for technology the artist utopian approach is exciting. In my PHD project I work together with a Master student from information technology and we both jump over the existing gap.

The aim is to improve both sides: the technology to become more human and the art to reflect and work with technology rather than to neglect it.

One successful project I did was a RFD-Book which I can show as there is a foto on wikicommons of my work. Also I will show the project that

I did at the residency here at the Goethe-Institute:


Sandra Becker works with digital media since 1990. She is a professor at the Freie Universität for Graphic Design. Also she is the director of Medienwerkstatt Berlin, where artists can use technical equipment to develop their projects. Sandra received several bursaries and prices such as the Price for Digital Media section movies and the Karl-Hofer-Price for combining science and art. After having worked in projects of the information technology department at the Technical University she started her PHD at the University Potsdam where she is now a student besides her work as an artist.