Aline Villavicencio           


Contact Information

Institute of Informatics  
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500
Porto Alegre - RS
CEP 91501-970
Office: 235
Phone: (+55) 51 3308 7035
Fax: (+55) 51 3308 7308
Email: avillavicencio at inf<dot>ufrgs<dot>br

Short Biography
I am a CNPq Fellow and a lecturer at the Institute of Informatics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. In 2014/2015 I was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). In 2014 I was a Visiting Scholar at the Labo­ra­toire LaTTiCe at the École Normale Supé­rieure (France), in 2012/2013 an Erasmus-Mundus Visting Scholar at Saarland University (Germany), in 2011/2012 a CNPq Visiting Scholar at the Laboratory of Information and Decision Systems of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and from 2006-2009 at the Computer Science Department, University of Bath. Prior to these I worked as a Senior Researcher in the Department of Language and Linguistics of the University of Essex (2004-2005) and in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge (2001-2004).

I received my PhD in Computer Science also from the University of Cambridge (Computer Laboratory, Hughes Hall) in 2003. My thesis is entitled The Acquisition of a Unification-Based Generalised Categorial Grammar, and  was supervised by  Ted Briscoe.

Current and Recent Activities
  • Chair of the PROPOR-2016  Best Dissertation on Language Technology for Portuguese Contest
Current and Recent Projects
  • Samsung SRBR Textual Simplification of Complex Expressions  Project
  • with Marco Idiart
  • MIT/CNPq Cognitive Computational Models of Natural Languages for Assessing Language Competency Project
    with  Suzanne Flynn, Robert Berwick, Marco Idiart and Rosa Vicari

  • CNPq/2012 Cognitive Computational Investigations of Language Acquisition and Use in Clinical Cases Project
    with  Maria Alice Parente, Robert Berwick, Marco Idiart, Anna Korhonen  and Thierry Poibeau
  • Computational Models for Language Acquisition and Dissolution 
    with Marco Idiart, Jerusa Salles, Anderson Santos and Gustavo Valdez.
    with Leandro Wives, Conexum, DFL and IntextMining
  • Politeness in Cypriot Greek
    with Ann Copestake and Marina Terkourafi.

Selected Publications



  • L. Almeida, M. Idiart, A. Villavicencio, J. Lisman
  • Alternating predictive and short-term memory modes of entorhinal grid cells.
    In Hippocampus, May 2, 2012.

2011 2010

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  • Santos, A. S., A. Villavicencio, J.  Salles.
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  • Germann, D., A. Villavicencio, M.S.G Siqueira
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  • Tonietto, L., Villavicencio, A., Siqueira, M. S. G., Parente, M. A. M. P., Sperb, T. M.
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  • Villavicencio, A., B. Menegola,, J. Rodrigues, M. Siqueira, M.A. Parente.
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1999 and before
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Research Interests
Computational Linguistics / Natural Language Processing:

Cognitive models of language processing, especially acquisition. This includes Machine Learning applied to Computational Linguistics, with emphasis in language learning from corpora and on-line resources. 

Resource and Grammar Engineering including lexica, hierarchies and ontologies focusing on Multiword Expressions.
Natural Language Processing Group
These are some of the students I have supervised.
  • Adriano Zanette
  • Anderson Santos
  • Carlos Ramisch
  • Clei Junior
  • Daniel Beck
  • Francisco Amorim
  • Gabriel Gonçalves
  • Gustavo Valdez
  • Henrique Lopes
  • Kassius Prestes
  • John Gamboa
  • Jorge Wagner Filho
  • Leonardo Zilio
  • Matheus Proença
  • Mário Machado
  • Otávio Costa
  • Paulo Schreiner
  • Rodrigo Wilkens
  • Tatiana Meister
  • Vitor Araújo