Papers - Joao Comba 2015
Papers - Joao Comba

A 3D Shape Descriptor based on Depth Complexity and Thickness Histograms
Schmitt, W. and Telea, A. and Silva, Claudio T ; Sotomayor, J. L. and Comba, J. L. D
28th Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI), 2015

Papers - Joao Comba 2014
Papers - Joao Comba

A Weighted Delaunay Triangulation Framework for Merging Triangulations in a Connectivity Oblivious Fashion
Silva, Luis F. and Scheidegger, Luiz F. and Etiene, Tiago and Comba, João L. D. and Nonato, Luis G. and Silva, Cláudio T.
Computer Graphics Forum. Volume 33, Issue 6, pages 18–30, September 2014

Papers - Joao Comba 2012
Papers - Joao Comba

Connectivity Oblivious Merging of Triangulations
Luiz F. Silva, Luiz Scheidegger, Tiago Etiene, Joao L. D. Comba, Luis G. Nonato, Claudio T. SIlva
25th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI), 2012

Papers - Joao Comba

Adaptive load-balancing for MMOG servers using KD-trees
Bezerra, Carlos Eduardo B. and Comba, Joao L. D. and Geyer, Claudio F. R.
Computers in Entertainment (CIE) - Theoretical and Practical Computer Applications in Entertainment.  Volume 10 Issue 3, October 2012 Article No. 5. Pages 1-16.

Papers - Joao Comba 2010
Papers - Joao Comba
Mesh Processing Using On-the-Fly Connectivity Reconstruction Given by Regular Triangulations
Fernando B. Pires, Carlos A. Dietrich, Joao L.D. Comba, Luis Gustavo Nonato
SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI), 2010 23rd
Papers - Joao Comba 2009
Papers - Joao Comba
Approximate on-Surface Distance Computation using Quasi-Developable Charts
R.P. Torchelsen, F.M. Pinto, R. Bastos, J. L. D. Comba.
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 28, Number 7, Pages 1781-1789 (Pacific Graphics 2009 Proceedings)
Papers - Joao Comba
Salient Clustering for View-dependent Multiresolution Rendering
R. Barni, , A. Varshney, J.L.D. Comba.
XXII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (SIBGRAPI), 2009
Papers - Joao Comba 2008
Papers - Joao Comba

Measuring Statistical Geometric Properties of Tomographic Images of Soils
S. C. Felipussi, J. Scharcanski, J.L.D.Comba.
In IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. Volume 57. Issue 11, Pages 2502-2512. Nov 2008.

Papers - Joao Comba

Comparing Techniques for Tetrahedral Mesh Generation. 
M. Lizier, J. F. Shepherd, L. G. Nonato,  J.L.D. Comba, C. T. Silva
In Inaugural International Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute, 2008, Minneappolis.

Papers - Joao Comba 2007
Papers - Joao Comba

A Rule-Based Optimizer for Spatial Join Algorithms
Fornari, M. Iochpe, C & J. Comba 
Advances in Geoinformatics. Pages 87-105. Springer-Verlag, 2007. ISBN 978-3-540-734.

Papers - Joao Comba 2006
Papers - Joao Comba

A Rule-Based Optimizer for Spatial Join Algorithms
Fornari, M. Iochpe, C & J. Comba 
Geo INFO 2006 - VIII Brazilian Symposium on Geonfinformatics

Papers - Joao Comba

Query Optimizer for Spatial Join Operations
Fornari, M. Iochpe, C & J. Comba
ACM-GIS'06 ACM International Symposium on Advances in Geographics Information Systems, 2006, Pages 219-226. ISBN:1-59593-529-0

Papers - Joao Comba 2005
Papers - Joao Comba

On the Convexification of Unstructured Grids From A Scientific Visualization Perspective.
Comba, J.L.D.; Mitchell, J.S.B. & Silva, C.T.
In Scientific Visualization: The Visual Extraction of Knowledge from Data. Editors: G.-P. Bonneau, T. Ertl, G. M. Nielson, Springer-Verlag.  2005, ISBN: 3-540-26066-8

Papers - Joao Comba

Boolean Operations on Surfel-Bounded Objects using Constrained BSP-Trees
Farias, M.A.C.; Scheidegger, C.; Comba, J.L.D. & Velho, L.
Proceedings of XVIII SIBGRAPI '05, 2005, 325-332

Papers - Joao Comba

Broad-Phase Colision Detection Using Semi-Adjusting BSP-Trees
Luque, R.; Comba, J.L.D. & Freitas, C.M.D.
Proceedings of ACM Siggraph Interactive 3D Graphics and Games - I3D 2005, 2005, 179-186

Papers - Joao Comba 2004
Papers - Joao Comba

On the Convexification of Unstructured Grids From A Scientific Visualization Perspective
J. Comba, J. Mitchell, and C. Silva
SCI Institute Technical Report UUSCI-2004-004. 16 pages. University Of Utah, USA, July 2004.

Papers - Joao Comba 2003
Papers - Joao Comba

Explorando a Multidimensionalidade da Kd-Tree para Suporte a Temporalidade em Dados Espaciais Vetoriais do Tipo Ponto
L. Heredia, C. Iochpe, J. Comba
Proceedings of GeoInfo 2003

Papers - Joao Comba 2002
Papers - Joao Comba

Smart Visible Sets for Networked Virtual Environments
Moreira, F.O.; Comba, J.L.D. & Freitas, C.M.D.S.
Proceedings of XV SIBGRAPI 2002. Pages 373-380. IEEE Press ISBN 0-7695-1846-X, Fortaleza, Brazil, October 2002.

Papers - Joao Comba 2001
Papers - Joao Comba

A Segment-Tree Based Kinetic BSP
de Berg, M.; Comba, J.L.D. & Guibas, L.J.
Proceedings of XVII ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry (SOCG 2001). Pages 134-140. ACM Press ISBN 1-58113-357-X, Medford, USA, June 2001.

Papers - Joao Comba 2000
Papers - Joao Comba

Kinetic Vertical Decomposition Trees
Joao Luiz Dihl Comba
Ph.D. Thesis, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, 141 pages. January, 2000.

Papers - Joao Comba 1999
Papers - Joao Comba

Kinetic Data Structures: Animating Proofs Through Time
Basch, J.; Comba, J.; Guibas, L.J.; Hershberger, J.; Silverstein, C. & Zhang, L.
Proceedings of XV ACM Symposium On Computational Geometry (SOCG 1999). ACM Press ISBN 1-58113-068-6. Pages 427-428, Miami, USA,  June 1999.

Papers - Joao Comba 1996
Papers - Joao Comba

Conversion of Binary Space Partitioning Trees to Boundary Representation
Comba, J.L.D. & Naylor, B.F.
In Geometric Modeling: Theory and Practice . Pages 286-301. W. Strasser, R. Klein, R. Rau (Eds). Springer Verlag 1996, ISBN 3-540-61883-X.

Papers - Joao Comba 1994
Papers - Joao Comba

Affine Arithmetic
Andrade, M.V.A.; Comba, J.L.D. & Stolfi, J.
Proceedings of Interval 94. Pages 36-40. St. Petersburg, Russia, March 1994.

Papers - Joao Comba 1993
Papers - Joao Comba

Affine Arithmetic and its applications to Computer Graphics
Comba, J.L.D. & Stolfi, J.
Proceedings of VI SIBGRAPI. Pages 9-18. Recife, Brazil, October 1993.

Papers - Joao Comba

An Adaptive Triangulation Refinement Scheme and Construction
Persiano, R.C.M.; Comba, J.L.D. & Barbalho, V.
Proceedings of VI SIBGRAPI. Pages 259-266. Recife, Brazil, October 1993.

Papers - Joao Comba 1991
Papers - Joao Comba

Ray Tracing of CSG Solids using a Multi-Resolution Bresenham
Comba, J.L.D. & Persiano, R.C.M.
Proceedings of Compugraphics 91, Volume 2, Pages 210-219. Sesimbra,  Portugal.  September 1991.

Papers - Joao Comba

Accelerated Ray-Tracing of CSG Solids (in portuguese)
Joao Luiz Dihl Comba.
M.Sc. Dissertation, Programa de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computacao, COPPE, UFRJ, 127 pages. April 1991.

Papers - Joao Comba 1990
Papers - Joao Comba

"Ray Tracing" Otimizado de Solidos CSG usando Octrees
J. Comba, R. Persiano.
Proceedings of the III SIBGRAPI, Pages 21-30, Gramado, Brazil, May 1990.

Papers - Joao Comba

Transparencia de Solidos em Octrees
V. Hottum, M. Silva, J. Comba.
Proceedings of the XII CMAC. Aguas de Lindoia, Brazil. October 1990.

Papers - Joao Comba 1989
Papers - Joao Comba

Um Sistema para Manipulacao e Visualizacao de Octrees
J. Comba, C. Santos, R. Persiano.
Proceedings of IX Symposium of the SBC. Pages 1-13. Uberlandia, Brazil. July 1989.