Old news

  • happy to contribute to panel in ACM CoNEXT 2018 Student workshop
  • congrats Felipe for the work with Mikael on IEEE VNC 2018, Mitigating Position Falsification Attacks in Vehicular Platooning
  • both Dynam-IX and ASSERT-P4 submissions were given “artifact badges
  • congrats Miguel and Lucas F for Verification of P4 Programs in Feasible Time using Assertions, accepted at CoNEXT 2018
  • congrats Pedro and Lucas for Dynam-IX: a Dynamic Interconnection eXchange, accepted at CoNEXT 2018
  • attended RNP Forum in Brasilia to present our work on analytics of the Brazilian academic backbone
  • 3rd-year graduate student Pedro has won with Dynam-IX the bronze medal in the ACM SIGCOMM Student Research Competition (SRC) in Budapest


  • 2-page Bio (pdf) and complete CV (pdf)