imagesAdmission. Please first check my papers and projects for areas of interest. Please email me presenting yourself (Portuguese is fine), with your academic transcripts, background in research (if any), and which of my topics you would like to investigate (“any” is a possible answer).

The PhD and MSc application processes are very different. For the PhD, it happens twice a year, around June and October. You do not need a MSc. We need to agree on a topic to explore, and you write a PhD plan under my supervision (this may take several weeks). The selection for the MSc happens once a year, around November, and is simpler (no need to write a plan).

Funding. The University is research-oriented and free: it does not charge any tuition fees regardless of nationality. Besides, our postgraduate program may be able to provide you a grant to cover your living expenses, depending on your qualifications (in fact the majority of our students receive a grant). The selection process considers previous publications, GPA, and includes an interview by videoconference. To apply for a grant for the Masters, you need to take POSCOMP test (CS & Maths, similar to GRE) around Sept-Oct to commence your studies in March.

Quality. Our Postgraduate Program on Computer Science is top-ranked in Brazil, having the highest possible score (7/7). The program encompasses all areas of Computer Science, with over 60 full-time professors. The Computer Network research group has other professors working in the area. We have very well-equipped labs. My partnership with students aims to open possibilities for them worldwide, and that is why (a) I seek top international collaborators for every student and (b) you are expected to communicate well in English.