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Finding the Instituto de Informática – UFRGS

Well, this is not the easiest part of the job…

My office is at the Instituto de Informática, Campus do Vale, Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500 – Bairro Agronomia. You can take a taxi at the airport (the lift takes around 25 minutes) or downtown (20 min.). However, the cab should cost some 40 reais, and this is seen as expensive by the Brazilian standards.

You can also come by bus – there are quite a few lines that serve: 343, D43 (Universitário Direto), T8, T10 and Agronomia. There is even a line of vans (called lotação in Porto Alegre), whose name is Partenon. All converge to the Campus, which is the terminus. There are two stops on the campus. The first one is on top of the hill where the campus lies; the second one is at the downright entry. Since the Instituto is on top, you should prefer the bus-stop 1. If you miss it, well, you will end up to bus-stop 2.

There are 6 buildings in the Instituto. Mine is numbered 43.425, and you can find this poetic name on the signs that indicate it. My room is number 236.

On the map below, you can see the way (light blue) that goes from bus-step 1 until my building. The small squares represent buildings, and mine is highlit in red (I have also highlit the administrative building in orange; if you arrive there and ask for me, someone should help you finding me. Even if you do not speak Portuguese, you just have to insist to meet the “french professor of Informatics”, and they should understand what you want…) From the bus step, you will walk on the edge of a parking place, go straight on a small path between buildings until the end of it and then you will be in the middle of the Instituto. Be aware that our buildings have two floors. My room is on the second floor, so you will have to locate a stair and walk it up.

If you have arrived at bus step 2 (the terminus of the bus lines), then you have to follow the violet path of the map: from the step, climb a few stairs and go straight on between different buildings. The alley should take you to the corner of a bar, and then in diagonal on your right you should see a bank: the Banco do Brasil, in a large building (by the way, it is a good markplace if you have to ask for help – everybody on the campus should know where the Banco is). Keeping on, you should be walking on a path that goes steady up, until a flight of stairs that go between trees and vegetation. Take your breath and go up the stairs until the beginning of a large corridor — the Instituto is 100 meters away.

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