SDN Interactive Manager: An OpenFlow-Based SDN Manager

Authors: Pedro Heleno Isolani and Juliano Araujo Wickboldt.

Description: SDN Interactive Manager is an OpenFlow-based application to SDN management through monitoring, visualization, and configuration that includes the administrator in the management loop. Moreover, the application introduces management of advanced features, such as reporting control traffic statistics and dynamically configuring the idle and hard timeout of forwarding rules, such feature which most SDN management approaches do not consider. This application was developed in order to help the administrator to better understand the impact of configuring SDN-related parameters on the overall network performance. SDN Interactive Manager application uses Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concepts and OpenFlow protocol version 1.0 of specification – currently the most relevant SDN implementation – to establish communication between the controller and forwarding devices.

Year: 2015.

Floodlight v0.90 for Control Channel Features

Author: Pedro Heleno Isolani

Description: The Floodlight Open SDN Controller is an enterprise-class, Apache-licensed, Java-based OpenFlow Controller. It is supported by a community of developers including a number of engineers from Big Switch Networks. This controller has been modified to support control channel statistics features in order to provide this information to our SDN Management application named SDN Interactive Manager.

Year: 2015.

Learning Objects Development Manager framework

Authors: Pedro Heleno Isolani and Adilson Vahldick.

Description: The Learning Objects Development Manager framework (LOMAN) is an web-based application developed using Java with Primefaces 3.2 that manage the creation and development process of Learning Objects (LO). This framework allows to programmers, designers, and coordinators too cooperate with each other in order to improve the quality of Learning Objects content with more agility and mobility.

Year: 2012.