Prof. Rafael Pinto

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Rascal Ninja

Guide Rascal Ninja in his journey to steal all doctrines of the world! A stealth platformer with a lot of ninja abilities! Can you finish all levels without being detected by the Red Clan?

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Space Evolvers

In "One-Shot Learning in the Road Sign Problem" I show how to make a robot learn to solve this problem by seeing just 1 example of each situation.

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Space Evolvers

Here I show how to make a Procedural Terrain Generator with 1 line of Matlab code using integrated Gaussian noise, as well as other more elaborated techniques.

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About Me

Professor at IFRS - Câmpus Canoas
Ph.D. Candidate at PPGC - Instituto de Informática, UFRGS
Member of the Connectionist Artificial Intelligence Lab (LIAC)
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