One-Shot Learning

The road sign problem
In "One-Shot Learning in the Road Sign Problem" I show how to make a robot learn to solve this problem by seeing just 1 example of each situation.

Echo-State GMM's

The architecture of an ESIGMN
In "Echo State Incremental Gaussian Mixture Network for Spatio-Temporal Pattern Processing" I present a novel neural network algorithm combining Echo-State Networks and Gaussian Mixture Models.

Self-Organizing Maps

A hierarchical self-organizing map
In "A Neocortex Inspired Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition System", my final undegrad course work, I introduce feedback connections into the Hierarchical Quilted Self-Organizing Map (HQSOM).


Rascal Ninja

Rascal Ninja in-game screenshot
Guide Rascal Ninja in his journey to steal all doctrines of the world! A stealth platformer with a lot of ninja abilities! Can you finish all levels without being detected by the Red Clan?

Space Evolvers

Space Evolvers title screen
Space Evolvers is an HTML5 vertical shoot'em up where enemies evolve to counter the player's strategy. It uses a combination of genetic algorithms and neural networks.


Hotaru in-game screenshot
Help Hotaru, the firefly, avoid the bugs! A fast-paced casual game of avoidance skill to be played using just the mouse!


Terrain Generation

An automatically generated terrain
Here I show how to make a Procedural Terrain Generator with 1 line of Matlab code using integrated Gaussian noise, as well as other more elaborated techniques.

Game Playing AI

This is a genetic algorithm learning to defeat Air Man in the game Mega Man 2, achieving a perfect score.

Mouse Gestures

A mouse gestures and handwritten character recognition demo using JavaScript, applying a technique commonly used for DNA alignment.

About Me

Professor at IFRS - Câmpus Canoas
Ph.D. Candidate at PPGC - Instituto de Informática, UFRGS
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