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Much more than a beautiful scenery. Natural landscapes of all colors and climates. Friendly people who preserve their traditions and are happy to welcome tourists. A perfect infra-structure to serve those who seek relaxation, pleasure, or adventure. A rich and varied cuisine that pleases all tastes. Unique events that enchant and attract visitors, and are never forgotten.

Here, amid the hills and valleys of Rio Grande do Sul state, lies the city of Gramado. A city constructed by hard-working and determined German, Italian, and Portuguese immigrants. Today, Gramado is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, attracting tourists from all over the world, but its history has been preserved.

Tourists can enjoy the tradition of local communities. The leisurely pace of these communities contrast with the excitement and thrill of their trails, and clear rivers and waterfalls. Even first time visitors are welcomed like old friends.

This region offers visitors the best tourist infra-structure in the state. Cooking is rich and varied. Takes include irresistible chocolate, typical dishes, the plentiful colonial breakfast, and the taste of the best international cuisines. Gramado thrives with business. Over 200 domestic and international events are held at the different city convention and trade show centers.

A place where past and present meet. The Colony Festival maintains this tradition. In the high winter season, the streets of the city are filled with culture. The Gramado Brazilian Cinema Festival promotes the best Brazilian movies. Magic, thrill, and enchantment: a perfect combination that comes with the Light Christmas, a festival that fires the imagination of tourist of all ages.

A merry climate, gastronomic delights, high quality service, exclusive landscapes throughout the year, and the incredible sensation of being part of a live, colorful, and friendly environment. Gramado offers all these things and much more. A traditional region always full of attractions and beauty waiting to be discovered. This region will seduce all newcomers, and those who come will want to return again and again.

Gramado, unforgettable."

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