Optional Activities


Transfer booking and purchasing are included in the hotel reservation form as an option. The transfer is provided by Terra Turismo at any arrival time. It will not be possible to buy this transfer service at the airport.

  • From Salgado Filho Int'l Airport to Gramado (and return):
    From Porto Alegre to Gramado, the maximum waiting time in the airport should be 1 hour. On the return to Porto Alegre, the departure from the hotel will be 4 hours before the flight. The fare per person is R$ 120,00 (~U$ 72.00).
  • Terra Turismo Proceed to Terra Turismo web page to buy your transfer and optional activities!

Optional Activities

  • Café Colonial:
    Nov. 11: A typical dinner experience: "eat, eat and integration"

    Café Colonial

  • Post-Conference Tours
  • Nov. 13: Itaimbezinho Canyon - A semi-wild experience ...

    Itaimbezinho Canyon

    Itaimbezinho CanyonExternal link

    The city of Cambará do Sul serves as a base to visit Aparados da Serra National Park and Serra Geral National Park. They border each other and share the same type of ecological environment, where large canyons formed by enormous rocky cliffs on wavy reliefs comprise the landscape. There are also sections of Mata Atlântica, fields of grass and Araucaria Forests. Spotted leopards, wildcats, woodpeckers, hawks, among others, are part of the local fauna...

    ... Itaimbezinho Canyon is Aparados da Serra National Park's most famous canyon: 720 meters deep, 6 km long and 200 m wide. It stands out for its vertical rocky cliffs with little vegetation on its steep slope. The canyon is cut by the Perdizes and Preá Rivers, which form the Boi River. It is located only 80 m from the park's Visitor's Center and can be seen along the Vértice and Cotovelo Belvedere trails' considered the canyon's classic view, where you get an idea of the magnitude of of place. From up above, it is possible to contemplate an endless vastness. An unforgettable tour.

    Nov. 13: ... or a great oenological excursion

    Vale dos Vinhedos

    Visitation to Vale dos VinhedosExternal link

    Enotourism is a segment of the tourism activity based on the journey motivated by the appreciation of the flavor and aroma of wines and traditions and typicity of the places that produce such beverage. By discovering wine in its natural environment, it is possible to understand that this is not just a drink, but a traditional product, full of history and art.

    Vale dos Vinhedos is a strong wine and grape growing region because of what enotourism represents, and it is a means for the ones who visit the route to discover, through wine, all the cultural aspects of the Valley. The route allows visitors to have contact with the rural world, contributing to the preservation of the region authenticity through the dissemination of its handicraft, landscape, architecture and museum assets and its gastronomy. Enotourism in the Vale dos Vinhedos is also a solution to the progress of the delimited regions.

    Vale dos Vinhedos is surrounded by the towns of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo do Sul, 120 km from Porto Alegre. For further information, contact Aprovale telephone (54) 3451.9601 or e-mail faleconosco@valedosvinhedos.com.br

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