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Panel: "The ER Conference: Its Status and Its Future”

In the 30 years since its inception, the ER Conference has become well respected as the leading conference for conceptual modeling. Although entirely independent of sponsoring professional societies such as ACM and IEEE, a large group of enthusiastic researchers have worked to make the conference successful and to make high-quality research contributions. Technical contributors of the ER conference have shown that conceptual modeling provides a solid theoretical foundation for all kinds of information systems, which in turn serve users in the broader computing community. But what about the future of the conference? Has the community already ploughed all the fruitful research ground? If not, what's left? What are the new technical directions, and what are the new domains in which conceptual modeling can significantly have an impact? What about individual, conceptual-modeling researchers-what can they do to have an impact, not only on the ER community, but in the larger world of computing? The panel should provide an opportunity to take a good hard look at the conference, at the research being done by the ER community, and at the future of conceptual-modeling research. The goal is to inspire researchers, individually and collectively, with the confidence necessary to reach greater heights.


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