Travel and Visa Information and Invitation Letter

Getting to Gramado

ER 2009 will take place at the Hotel Serra AzulExternal link, in the city of Gramado, Brazil. Gramado is located at the mountainous region in the northeastern part of the Rio Grande do Sul State, with south latitute 29° 24' and length west 50° 52'. The average temperature for the conference period should be between 12-20°C (54-68°F). Gramado is on the same time zone as Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo: 3 hours behind GMT (no daylight saving time).

To get to Gramado from abroad, you should first take a flight to Porto Alegre (Salgado Filho Int'l AirportExternal link) and then take a terrestrial transportation (explained latter on).

Salgado Filho Int'l Airport is airport located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. Salgado Filho Airport is well served by domestic flights, specially from Brazil's two most important gateway ports: Rio de Janeiro (Antônio Carlos Jobim Int'l Airport) and São Paulo (Gov. André Franco Montoro Int'l Airport). Besides, there are also international flights with direct connections to Salgado Filho departing from cities of the Southern Cone (e.g., Buenos Aires and Montevideo).

Transportation from Salgado Filho Int'l Airport to Gramado

Gramado is 118 km (74 miles) away from Porto Alegre, and the possible transportation forms are by transfer service, taxi, or bus. We present below additional information regarding fares valid for the 2008 year.

  • By Transfer Service:

    Transfer booking and purchasing are included in the hotel reservation form as an option. In the next weeks we will provide a specific form to buy only the transfer. The transfer is provided by Terra Turismo at any arrival time. It will not be possible to buy this transfer service at the airport.

    • From Salgado Filho Int'l Airport to Gramado (and return):
      From Porto Alegre to Gramado, the maximum waiting time in the airport should be 1 hour. On the return to Porto Alegre, the departure from the hotel will be 4 hours before the flight. The fare per person is R$ 120,00 (~U$ 72.00).
    • Click here for more information about transfer booking and purchasing

  • By Taxi:
    • From Salgado Filho Int'l Airport to Gramado, the average fare is R$ 319,00 (~U$ 190.00).
    • From Gramado to Salgado Filho Int'l Airport, the average fare is R$ 230,00 (~U$ 137.00).

  • By Bus:

    In order to take a bus to Gramado, the best option is heading, by taxi, from Salgado Filho Int'l Airport to Porto Alegre's bus station. The average fare for this itinerary is R$ 21,00 (~U$ 12.50). Once arriving at Porto Alegre's bus station and prior to boarding, you should buy a ticket, costing around R$ 24,75 (~U$ 14.55), in the ticketing area.

Passport and Visa

A valid passport and in some cases a visa is required to travel to Brazil to citizens of countries that impose the same restriction to Brazilian citizens. Please check hereExternal link for a list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. For example, a visa is required for U.S. and Canadian citizens. In this case, please visit the Brazilian Embassy websiteExternal link in Washington, D.C. For further information about visa application requirements, contact your travel agent or a local Brazilian Consulate office.

Invitation Letter

In case you need a formal invitation to participate in ER 2009 (in order to get your visa, for example), you must either register yourself or be an author (of ER main event or its workshops). Then, you can email us and we'll provide you the invitation letter.

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ER 2009 -- Gramado, Brazil -- 9-12 November.