The ER Papers notification was published

A total of 142 papers were submitted from which only 22 full papers (acceptance rate of 15.5%) and 22 short papers (overall acceptance rate of 31%) were accepted.

If your paper was not selected we know this is not the outcome you were hoping for, we trust that you will find the enclosed reviews useful as you continue your research endeavors. However, we encourage you to submit it to either (i) one of the workshops (of your choice) or (ii) to the forum. The deadline for submission is July 14.

We invite you to take into consideration the comments of the reviewers for improving your paper.

You can find below the contact details of the Workshop Chairs and the Forum Chairs so that you can directly contact them for any question. You can also access the Web Site ( to obtain further information on these events to help you take your final decision.

For information about the eight workshops please visit:

The ER 2019 Forum aims to create a platform for presenting and discussing novel research ideas addressing any of the ER 2019 conference topics as well as new emerging topics related to the conceptual modeling field. In this track, innovation prevails over maturity. The main goal of the ER Forum 2019 is to facilitate the interaction, discussion and exchange of ideas among presenters and participants.

The call for Forum is available at:

Workshop Chairs:

  • Giancarlo Guizzardi, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen
  • Frederik Gailly, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Rita Suzana Pitangueira Maciel, UFBA – Federal University of Bahia

Forum Chair:

  • Ignacio Panach Navarrete, Universitat de València, Spain

Thank you very much for your submission, and we hope to see you in Salvador to participate in the discussions.