TS #4 Query approaches, #5 Big data technology II, #6 Domain specific models I

Session 4. Query approaches

(Chair: Sven Hartman)
(Mercado Modelo I)

Title: Negation in Relational Keyword Search
Authors: Qiao Gao, Mong Li Lee and Tok Wang Ling

Title: Answering GPSJ Queries in a Polystore: a Dataspace-Based Approach
Authors: Hamdi Ben Hamadou, Enrico Gallinucci and Matteo Golfarelli

Title: Ontology-Schema Based Query by Example
Authors: Lucas Peres, Ticiana L. Coelho da Silva, David A. Abreu and Jose Macedo

Title: Query Rewriting for Continuously Evolving NoSQL Databases
Authors: Mark Lukas Möller, Meike Klettke, Andrea Hillenbrand and Uta Störl

Session 5. Big data technology II

(Chair: Juan Carlos Trujillo)
(Mercado Modelo II)

Title: Relaxed Functional Dependency Discovery in Heterogeneous Data Lakes
Authors: Rihan Hai, Christoph Quix and Dan Wang

Title: An Ontological Perspective for Database Tuning Heuristics
Authors: Ana Carolina Almeida, Sergio Lifschitz, Rafael Oliveira, Fernanda Baião, Daniel Schwabe and Maria Luiza Campos

Title: SkipSJoin: A New Physical Design for Distributed Big Data Warehouses in Hadoop
Authors: Yassine Ramdane, Nadia Kabachi, Omar Boussaid and Fadila Bentayeb

Title: Learning k-Occurrence Regular Expressions from Positive and Negative Samples
Authors: Yeting Li, Xiaoying Mou and Haiming Chen

Session 6. Domain specific models I

(Chair: Sergio de Cesare)
(Mercado Modelo III)

Title: What Rocks Are Made of: Towards an Ontological Pattern for Material Constitution in the Geological Domain
Authors: Luan Fonseca Garcia, Joel Luis Carbonera, Fabrício Henrique Rodrigues, Cauã Roca Antunes and Mara Abel

Title: Role-Based Clustering for Collaborative Recommendations in Crowdsourcing System
Authors: Qiao Liao, Xiangmin Zhou, Daling Wang, Shi Feng and Yifei Zhang

Title: A Reference Conceptual Model for Virtual Network Function Online Marketplaces
Authors: Renata Guizzardi, Anderson Bavalheri, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Tiago Prince Salles and Dimitra Simeonidou

Title: Intuitive Understanding of Domain-specific Modeling Languages: Proposition and Application of an Evaluation Technique
Authors: Dominik Bork, Christine Schrüffer and Dimitris Karagiannis