TS #7 Domain specific models II, #8 Decision making, TS #9 Complex Systems Modeling / Poster section

Session 7. Domain specific models II

Title: A Unifying Model of Legal Smart Contracts
Authors: Jan Ladleif and Mathias Weske

Title: Formal Specification of Environmental Aspects of a Railway Interlocking System Based on a Conceptual Model Authors: Dalay Israel de Almeida Pereira, Sana Debbech, Matthieu Perin, Philippe Bon and Simon Collart-Dutilleul

Title: From a Conceptual Model to a Knowledge Graph for Genomic Datasets
Authors: Anna Bernasconi, Arif Canakoglu and Stefano Ceri

Session 8. Decision making

Title: Decision-making in Knowledge-intensive Processes: The Case of Value Ascription and Goal Processing
Authors: Pedro Richetti, Fernanda Araujo Baiao and Maria Luiza M. Campos

Title: Conceptualization, Design, and Implementation of EconBPC – A Software Artifact for the Economic Analysis of Business Process Compliance
Authors: Stephan Kuehnel, Simon T. N. Trang and Sebastian Lindner

Title: DEMOS: a participatory design approach for democratic empowerment of IS users
Authors: Raphaëlle Bour, Chantal Soule-Dupuy and Nathalie Vallès-Parlangeau

Session 9. Complex Systems Modeling

Title: Finding Preferred Objects with Taxonomies
Authors: Paolo Ciaccia, Davide Martinenghi and Riccardo Torlone

Title: Generic negative scenarios for the specification of collaborative cyber-physical systems
Authors: Viktoria Stenkova, Jennifer Brings, Marian Daun and Thorsten Weyer

POSTERS – elevator speech

  • Towards Checking Dynamic Controllability of Processes with Temporal Loops
    Marco Franceschetti, Johann Eder
  • A Conceptual Vision Toward the Management of Machine Learning Models
    Daniel N. R. da Silva, Adolfo Simões, Carlos Cardoso, Douglas E. M. de Oliveira, João N. Rittmeyer, Klaus Wehmuth, Hermano Lustosa, Rafael S. Pereira, Yania Souto, Luciana E. G. Vignoli, Rebecca Salles, Heleno de S.C. Jr, Artur Ziviani, Eduardo Ogasawara, Flavia C. Delicato, Paulo de F. Pires, Hardy Leonardo da C. P. Pinto, Luciano Maia, Fabio Porto
  • Integration and Analysis of Clinical and Genomic Data of Neuroblastoma applying Conceptual Modeling
    Sipan Arevshatyan, José Fabián Reyes Román, Verónica Burriel, Adela Cañete, Victoria Castel, Óscar Pastor
  • LabDER – Relational Database Virtual Learning Environment
    Adriano Lino, Álvaro Rocha, Luís Macedo, Amanda Sizo
  • Using the Fractal Enterprise Model for Inter-organizational Business Processes
    Martin Henkel , Georgios Koutsopoulos, Ilia Bider, Erik Perjons
  • Towards Goal Modeling and Analysis for Networks of Collaborative Cyber-Physical S/Nystems
    Jennifer Brings , Marian Daun
  • Inferring Structure for Design: An Inductive Approach to Ontology Generation
    Alfred Castillo, Arturo Castellanos, Debra Vandermeer
  • Exploring the Concept of “Tiers-Lieu” for Information Services: The Value of Conceptual Modeling
    Jolita Ralyté, Michel Léonard

Posters will be available at the coffee break