TS #10 Model unification, #11 Big data technology III, #12 Requirements modeling

Session 10. Model unification

(Chair: Ricardo Torlone)
(Mercado Modelo I)

Title: HIKE: A Step Beyond Data Exchange
Authors: Sergio Greco, Elio Masciari, Domenico Sacca’ and Irina Trubitsyna

Title: Unified Management of Multi-Model Data
Authors: Irena Holubova, Martin Svoboda and Jiaheng Lu

Title: Schema Validation and Evolution for Graph Databases
Authors: Angela Bonifati, Peter Furniss, Alastair Green, Russ Harmer, Eugenia Oshurko and Hannes Voigt

Title: Grounding for an Enterprise Computing Nomenclature Ontology
Authors: Chris Partridge, Andrew Mitchell and Sergio de Cesare

Session 11. Big data technology III

(Chair: Maria Luiza Campos)
(Mercado Modelo II)

Title: Events as Entities in Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modeling
Authors: Joao Paulo Almeida, Ricardo A. Falbo and Giancarlo Guizzardi

Title: Parallel Clique-like Subgraph Counting and Listing
Authors: Yi Yang, Da Yan, Shuigeng Zhou and Guimu Guo

Title: Modal Schema Graphs for Graph Databases
Authors: Stephan Mennicke

Title: A Systematic Approach to Generate Diverse Instantiations for Conceptual Schemas
Authors: Loli Burgueño, Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó and Martin Gogolla

Session 12. Requirements modeling

(Chair: Renata Guizardi)
(Mercado Modelo III)

Title: Factors affecting comprehension of contribution links in goal models: an experiment.
Authors: Sotirios Liaskos and Wisal Tambosi

Title: iStar-p: A Modelling Language for Requirements Prioritization Cinthya
Authors: Cinthya Flório, Maria Lencastre, João Pimentel and João Araujo

Title: On the Use of Requirement Patterns to Analyse Request for Proposal Documents
Authors: Dolors Costal, Xavier Franch, Lidia Lopez, Cristina Palomares and Carme Quer

Title: iStar4RationalAgents: Modeling Requirements of Multi-Agent Systems with Rational Agents
Authors: Enyo Gonçalves, Joao Araujo and Jaelson Castro