Nangate A/S

        The joint research agreement between UFRGS and Nangate A/S, started in October 2005, focuses on research and development (R&D) activities, as well as on human resources training in the fields of EDA and microelectronics, emphasizing the particular domain of digital integrated circuit design. Some of topics of interest are new methods and algortihms for logic synthesis, technology mapping and boolean factoring; the automatic determination of cell library parameters for power, density and timing optimization goals; analytical methods for delay, consumption and noise characterization of logic cells; automatic logic cell generation, with emphasis on the impact at global circuit level; and other related ones.

        This collaboration promoted the creation of Nangate do Brasil S.A., hosted at the Entrepreneur Center for Informatics (CEI/UFRGS) from Oct. 2005 to Dec. 2009. The access to industrial information, that represents one the most important barrier in research centers with a solely academic profile, has allowed investigation activities focused on real applications. As a result, PhD, master and undergraduate students have had academic and industrial research experience, and some of them have had the opportunity to work in the Nangate coorporation in Denmark, USA and Brazil.

Nangate develops and markets Electronic Design Automation tools that allow customers to take full advantage of current and next generation IC technologies. The Nangate tool suite constitutes a revolutionary new class of EDA solutions that increases the efficiency of digital CMOS ICs to levels previously only achievable with extensive manual efforts and very large design teams. Targeting the inherent shortcomings of predefined 'one-size-fit-all' standard-cell-libraries, Nangate is providing a range of library optimization tools in a fully-automated solution that can effectively optimize power consumption and maximize performance while minimizing chip area.

The Federal University of 'Rio Grande do Sul' - UFRGS is one of the largest federal universities in Brazil. It is located in Porto Alegre, an important city in the south of the country. The Nangate-UFRGS Research Lab is hosted in the Institute of Informatics, which is a world-class center of excellence in Computer Science and Computer Engineering engaged in leading research, teaching, and technology transfer to Industry. It was founded in 1989 as one of the faculties at UFRGS. The activities developed under this Nangate-UFRGS agreement includes the participation of students from two pos-graduate courses, PGMicro and PPGC.