14th Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil – ONTOBRAS 2021

16 – 19  November  2021 – Online and Free

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The Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil (ONTOBRAS) aims to gather the community of researchers and students that investigate the topic of Ontology in the context of Computer Sciences and Information Sciences, as well as IT, industry professionals, promoting opportunities and a scientific environment for the exchange of knowledge about theories, methods, ontology engineering tools and languages and experiences in the application of ontologies in the solution of various problems.

The seminar aims to expand and strengthen the community of Ontologies in Brazil, through the exchange of experiences between researchers, students, and professionals, and by encouraging proximity between Academia and Industry, allowing cutting-edge solutions designed in these environments to influence real applications in different sectors.

Researchers and professionals are invited to submit their contributions to theoretical, technical, and practical research that directly or indirectly deal with the topics of interest presented in the list below. Papers covering philosophical and theoretical foundations to new technologies and innovative applications are welcome.

Co-located with ONTOBRAS 2021, the 5th Doctoral and Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO 2021) offers an opportunity for Master and Doctoral students working in the area of Ontologies to discuss their research proposals with experts, receive feedback on methodological issues and develop a contact network with the research community.

The 14th Ontology Research Seminar in Brazil (ONTOBRAS 2021) and the 5th Doctoral and Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO 2021) will be ONLINE and FREE, and will be held on November 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2021.


General Chairs

  • Renata S. S. Guizzardi (University of Twente)
  • Sandro Rama Fiorini (IBM Research Brasil)

ONTOBRAS Program Committee Chairs

  • Rita Cristina Galarraga Berardi (UTFPR)
  • Fernanda Farinelli (UFMG, IGTI)

WTDO Program Committee Chairs

  • Joel Luis Carbonera (UFRGS)
  • Daniela Schmidt (UFRGS)

Publicity Chairs

  • Jordana Sarmenghi Salamon (UFES)
  • Luan Fonseca Garcia (UFRGS)

Program Committee

  • TBD