16th Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil

28 August – 01 September 2023 – University of Brasilia, Brasilia

ONTOBRAS 2023 is held together with the International Conference on Biomediacal Ontologies (ICBO 2023).

Important Dates

Main Track WTDO Tutorials Ontology Challenge
Submission deadlines June 04, 2023 June 11, 2023 TBA TBA
Author notification July 07, 2023 July 07, 202 TBA TBA
Camera-ready deadline July 21, 2023 July 21, 2023 TBA TBA

About ONTOBRAS 2023

Ontology is an interdisciplinary field that studies concepts and theories that provide the foundation for building shared domain conceptualizations. In recent years, we noticed a growing interest in the application of ontologies to solve modeling and classification problems in several areas, such as computer science, information science, philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics, knowledge management, semantic web, and others. 

The Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil (ONTOBRAS) is a scientific venue for researchers and practitioners from computer and information science to discuss theories, methodologies, languages, tools and experiences related to the theory and practice of ontologies. In addition, Master’s and PhD students whose research is focused on Ontologies will, in the Doctoral and Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO), the opportunity to present and discuss their proposals with experts in the field–a valuable opportunity to receive feedback on their research and network within the community. Likewise, through the Tutorials Track. students, practitioners, and lecturers will have the opportunity to learn techniques and tools used by the community.

In its 16th edition, ONTOBRAS 2023 is recognized by the Brazilian ontology community as a unique and highly qualified forum for the presentation and discussion of ontologies and application cases in Brazil. The WTDO is in its 7th edition and has been consolidating itself as a rich space for discussion among researchers of different generations, contributing to the expansion and renewal of the community of ontology researchers in Brazil. This year, with the tutorials track, participants will also have the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art ontology techniques and tools. 

Therefore, we list in a non-exhaustive way areas and research communities from which we expect to receive submissions:

  • Conceptual modeling: conceptual methods and tools for the formal representation of concepts in ontologies.
  • Information Science: construction and use of taxonomies, thesauri, knowledge organization systems, information indexing, and other applications.
  • Logic and Reasoning: formal representation languages and systems applied to representation and reasoning with ontologies.
  • Philosophy: philosophical aspects that underlie ontological modeling, top ontologies, mereology, essence and identity, and others.
  • Software engineering: ontology representation languages, system architecture, methodologies for developing ontology-based systems.
  • Linguistics and natural language processing: concept extraction, meaning determination.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit theoretical, technical, and practical research contributions that directly or indirectly deal with the areas listed above. We welcome papers ranging from philosophical and theoretical foundations to new technologies and innovative applications.

The 16th Ontology Research Seminar in Brazil (ONTOBRAS 2023) and the 7th Doctoral and Masters Consortium on Ontologies (WTDO 2023) will be held in person on August 28, 29, 30, 31 and September 1st, 2023.


The ONTOBRAS series has support from the International Association for Ontology and Applications (IAOA), a non-profit organization with the purposes of promoting interdisciplinary research and international collaboration at the intersection of philosophical ontology, linguistics, logic, cognitive science, and computer science. The IAOA also provides forums for the development of applications of ontological analysis to conceptual modeling, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, information-systems development, library and information science, scientific research, and semantic technologies in general. 

ONTOBRAS proceedings are published under IAOA Series at CEUR-WS.org since 2019, and the Brazilian seminar is part of IAOA events calendar.

Join IAOA and become part of this international community. Individual registrations are free of charge, and members enjoy a list of benefits, including free access to IOS Press publications relevant to the field of ontology:

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