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Dissertação de Igor Batista Fernandes

Detalhes do Evento

Aluno: Igor Batista Fernandes
Orientador: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Walter

Título: A real-time high performance approach to multiple scattering path tracing in volumetric illumination
Linha de Pesquisa: Computação Gráfica e Visualização de Dados

Data:  28/10/2021
Horário: 10h
Esta banca ocorrerá excepcionalmente de forma totalmente remota. Interessados em assistir a defesa poderão acessar a sala virtual através do link: https://mconf.ufrgs.br/webconf/00047593

Banca Examinadora:
– Prof. Dr. Waldemar Celes Filho (PUCRJ)
– Prof. Dr. Manuel Menezes de Oliveira Neto (UFRGS)
– Prof. Dr. Eduardo Simões Lopes Gastal (UFRGS)
Presidente da Banca: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Walter

Abstract: Various volumetric illumination techniques for interactive volume rendering were developed throughout the years. However, there are many constraints regarding the computation of multiple scattering path tracing in real-time applications due to its natural complexity and scale. Path tracing alongside with multiple scattering support is capable of producing physically correct results but suffers from noise and low convergence rates. Therefore, this work proposes a new real-time algorithm to approximate multiple scattering, used in offline rendering production, to real-time. Our approach will explore the human perceptual system to speed the computation. Given a ground truth image and a candidate image, computed with fewer resources, the CIE metric states that the two will look similar to the human eye if the Euclidian distance of the two images in the CIELAB space is smaller than 2.3. Hence, we use this premise to guide our investigations.

Keywords: Computer graphics. Volumetric rendering. Volumetric illumination. Path tracing. Light transport. Monte carlo path tracing. Global illumination.