2nd Job-shop and Innovation Forum

Call for Participation

The International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese (PROPOR) is the main scientific meeting in the area of language and speech technologies for the Portuguese language. Its upcoming edition will be held at the beautiful Serra Gaúcha (The Gaucho Highlands) in Brazil between September 24th and 26th, 2018.

Following the first edition success in 2016, the 2nd Job-shop and Innovation Forum (JIF), taking place during the main conference, will give Industry and Academia the opportunity to meet and interact, creating a fruitful environment to promote the exchange of results, talent, and partnerships between researchers in the field of Language Technologies and companies using and developing these technologies. The overall goal is to support the development of common methodologies, resources, tools, applications, and projects that can be shared among researchers and practitioners.

JIF offers companies and organizations the opportunity to showcase their most innovative ideas to a motivated audience looking for new market ideas, collaborators, and partners.

Additionally, this forum represents a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to directly interact with the research communities that actively contribute to the advancement of the area; to find new talents to integrate into their own teams; to present their own research or needs in order to start new collaborations or joint ventures; and to gather inspiration for new innovative business solutions from the recent developments just coming out of the labs.

To facilitate this interaction, the JIF will take place in tandem with the Demo Session, where research labs will present their latest developed applications.

Each company will have a designated area for showing and presenting itself, its projects, its recruitment needs, and interact with the participants.


We invite any institution, non-profit organization, or private sector company, interested in language and speech technologies, to apply for JIF. The following list is a non-exclusive list of topics of interest:

  • language & text processing for computational intelligence
  • text analytics
  • ontologies and semantic networks
  • text classification
  • document clustering
  • machine translation
  • text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) methods
  • knowledge extraction and retrieval from text
  • multimodal and natural language interfaces
  • sentiment analysis
  • language-oriented applications and tools
  • NLP applications in education
  • language networks, resources and corpora

To apply, please send an email to the JIF Chair, Fabio Kepler (fabio@kepler.pro.br). Please indicate the role of Language Technologies in your company or institution.


Please send inquiries concerning JIF to fabio@kepler.pro.br and david.matos@inesc-id.pt.