The event will be held on 24 September 2018. Room Bem Te Vi. From 3pm to 6pm.

Accepted Papers

Luana Cristini, Ariani Di Felippo
Emerson Yoshiaki Okano, Verônica Letícia Oyan Moraes, Mateus Tarcinalli Machado, Evandro Eduardo Seron Ruiz
Renata Ramisch
Brenda Santana, Vinicius Woloszyn, Leandro Wives
Darlan Nascimento
Bruno Guide
Randall Araya, Paula Estrella, Walter Alvarez, José Arguedas
Isabela Soares-Bastos, Luísa Rocha, Cláudia Freitas
Luísa Rocha, Isabela Soares-Bastos, Cláudia Freitas, Alexandre Rademaker
Yasmin Vizeu Camargo
Jorge Sassaki, Mirella Lima, Daniela Rodrigues, Isabella Teofilo, Otavio Oliveira, Alefi Ferreira, Stenio Abreu, Natalia Nascimento, Patricia Almeida, Evelise Freire, Rosana Mendes, Paula Cardoso, André Freire
Beatriz Albiero
Priscila Côrtes, Mateus Riva, Livy Real




Welcome to PROPOR 2018 Student Research Workshop webpage.

Please, read the instructions carefully and do not hesitate to ask any question (


Call For Papers


PROPOR 2018 Student Research Workshop

24-26 September, 2018

Canela, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Deadline for Submissions: April 22 Extended: May 16 (11:59pm UTC -3)


The Student Research Workshop (SRW) will be held in conjunction with PROPOR 2018. The workshop is designed to provide a venue for student researchers in Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Resources and Natural Language Processing to present their work, with a focus on Portuguese and related languages.

The workshop invites two types of submissions:

  • Research Papers – completed work or work-in-progress along with preliminary results. We encourage submissions from Ph.D. students, as well as Masters and advanced undergraduate students. The first author of multi-author papers must be a student, but additional co-authors need not be students.

  • Thesis Proposal – for advanced students who have decided on a thesis topic and are interested in feedback about their proposal and ideas about future directions for their work. Proposals may only have one author, who must be a student.


Submission Criteria and Procedure:

  • The document must focus on some aspect of written or spoken Portuguese processing and related issues or languages. In general, any topic that falls within the scope of PROPOR call for papers ( is appropriate. In this edition, we also welcome submissions on computational aspects of all Portuguese variants, including Galician, and related languages, such as Spanish, indigenous languages in contact with Portuguese and Creole variants.

  • Documents must be submitted in English.

  • Documents must be submitted in PDF format, following the same style of PROPOR 2018 (Springer LNCS). Submissions are limited to 5 pages + 1 for references only, including all figures, tables, and should begin with an abstract of 250 words or less.

    LaTeX style:
    MS Word style:

  • Due to the nature of the workshop, in this edition, we will experiment with non-blind reviewing, for both authors and reviewers. Therefore, the submission should include author names and affiliations.

  • Submission deadline is April 22 May 16, 2018.

  • Notifications to authors will be sent on June 15 25, July 9, 2018.

  • Accepted entrants must prepare an A0 poster (portrait format) to be presented at a special session.

  • Submission link:

Multiple Submission Policy

Papers that have been or will be submitted to other meetings or publications must indicate this at submission time. Authors of papers accepted for presentation at PROPOR SRW 2018 must notify the program chairs whether the paper will be presented. All accepted papers must be presented at the workshop in order for them to appear in the proceedings. We will not accept for publication or presentation papers that overlap significantly in content or results with papers that will be (or have been) published elsewhere. Double submissions to the PROPOR main conference and the Student Research Workshop are not allowed.  In the case of two different submissions, the authors must ensure that these submissions do not overlap significantly (> 50%) with each other in content or results.

Any questions can be sent to:

Programme Chairs

Livy Real (Univ São Paulo, Brazil), co-chair
Daniel Beck (Univ Melbourne, Australia), co-chair
Amália Mendes (Univ Lisboa, Portugal), Faculty Advisor

Programme Committee

Ariani Di Felippo (UFSCAR, Brazil)
Carolina Scarton (Univ Sheffield, UK)
Fabio Kepler (Unbabel, Portugal)
Fernando Batista (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal)
Gustavo Paetzold (Univ Sheffield, UK)
Helena Moniz (Univ Lisboa, Portugal)
Iria Del Río Gayo (Univ Lisboa, Portugal)
Isabel Trancoso (Univ Lisboa, Portugal)
José G. C. de Souza (eBay, Germany)
Leonardo Zilio (UCL, Belgium)
Luís Trigo (LIAAD-INESC TEC, Portugal)
Marcelo Ferreira (Univ São Paulo, Brazil)
Marcos Garcia (Univ Corunha, Spain)
Marcos Lopes (Univ São Paulo, Brazil)
Pedro Balage (Priberam, Portugal)
Raquel Amaro (Univ Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
Rodrigo Wilkens (UCL, Belgium)
Wilker Aziz (Univ Amsterdam, Netherlands)