Download the latest version!

This link will take you to the SourceForge download page for the latest version of BDI4JADE. And here you can access the BDI4JADE API online.

The zip file contains:

  • bdi4jade.jar – library containing all classes of BDI4JADE.
  • bdi4jade-extensions.jar – library containing all classes of extensions of BDI4JADE.
  • bdi4jade-examples.jar – library containing all classes of examples of BDI4JADE.
  • bdi4jade source files
  • source files of extensions
  • source files of examples
  • bdi4jade documentation
  • required libraries
  • release notes, lincense, and readme.

The provided zip file contains a folder named “examples-src,” in which you can find different examples of the use of BDI4JADE. The class “bdi4jade.examples.BDI4JADEExamplesApp” runs an application, showing a GUI with buttons to execute the different examples. When the application starts, agents of all examples start. Then, when a button is clicked, goals that
cause agents to execute are added to them. Make sure you are running the application with all the necessary libraries (provided in the lib folder) – examples also require BDI4JADE and its extensions libraries.

The class “bdi4jade.examples.BDI4JADEExamplesPanel” has many action inner classes, which are responsible for handling GUI events. The different examples are in the form of different agents or capabilities, in their respective packages in the bdi4jade.examples package.

The provided examples are:

  • Hello World Agent: the famous hello world application
  • Hello World Annotated Capability: the hello world application, implemented using annotations
  • Ping Pong Agents: shows how to exchange messages between two agents
  • Composite Goal Agents: shows how to use sequential and parallel goals
  • Plan Failure Agent: shows how different plans are executed to achieve a goal, when there are plans that fail
  • Subgoal Goal Agent: illustrates a goal hierarchy to achieve a top level goal
  • Multi-capability Agent: shows how to use capability relationships
  • Blocks World: the widely known application of moving blocks to achieve a particular goal (blocks stacked in a particular way). This examples shows how to use declarative goals.

In all examples, you can see how to implement agents, belief bases, plans, etc.


Running Examples in BDI4JADE 0.1 and 1.0

The class “AgentStarter” runs an application, starting the agents BDIAgent1 and BDIAgent2 (the provided source has the code line that starts BDIAgent2 as a comment, so you have to uncomment it to start this agent). The different examples are in the form of different capabilities. To run the example with a particular capability you have to uncomment the respective code line in the BDIAgent1. The PingPong example consists of exchanging messages between BDIAgent1 and BDIAgent2, therefore, if you want to run this example you have to start both agents.

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