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Artigos Científicos | Publicações em periódicos – 2013

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Azambuja, José Rodrigo Furlanetto de; Nazar, Gabriel Luca; Rech, Paolo; Carro, Luigi; Kastensmidt, Fernanda Gusmão de Lima; Fairbanks, Thomas D.; Quinn, Heather. Evaluating neutron induced SEE in SRAM-based FPGA protected by hardware and software-based fault tolerant techniques. IEEE transactions on nuclear science, Vol. 60, no. 6, part 1 (Dec. 2013), p. 4243-4250.

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Foss, Luciana; Cavalheiro, Simone André da Costa; Brisolara, Lisane Brisolara de; Bisi, Nicolas; Pazzini, Vinícius Steffens; Wagner, Flavio Rech. From UML to Simulink CAAM: formal specification and transformation analysis. Revista de informática teórica e aplicada, Vol. 20, n. 1 (2013), p. 102-139.

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