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Artigos Científicos | Publicações em Periódicos – 2008

Bogorny, Vania.   Kuijpers, Bart.   Alvares, Luis Otavio Campos.
Reducing uninteresting spatial association rules in geographic databases using background knowledge : a summary of results. In: International Journal of Geographical Information Science, New York.  Vol.22, n.4 ( 2008), p. 361-386 : il.

Borges, Rafael Vergara.   Garcez, Artur S. d’Avila.   Lamb, Luis da Cunha.
A neural-symbolic perspective on analogy. In: Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Cambridge.  Vol. 31, no. 4 (2008), p. 379-380.

Brusamarello, Lucas.   Silva, Roberto da.   Wirth, Gilson Inacio.   Reis, Ricardo Augusto da Luz.
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Buriol, Luciana Salete.   Resende, Mauricio G.C..   Thorup, Mikkel.
Speeding up dynamic shortest-path algorithms. In: INFORMS Journal on Computing, Hanover.  Vol. 20, n. 2 (Spring 2008), p. 191-204.

Costa, Cristiano Andre da.   Yamin, Adenauer Correa.   Geyer, Claudio Fernando Resin.
Toward a general software infrastructure for ubiquitous computing. In: IEEE pervasive computing : mobile and ubiquitous systems. Los Alamitos.  Vol.7, n.1 (Jan.-Mar. 2008), p. 64-73 : il.

Cota, Erika Fernandes.   Kastensmidt, Fernanda Gusmão de Lima. Santos, Maico Cassel dos.   Hervé, Marcos Barcellos.   Almeida, Pedro Rogério Vieira de.   Meirelles, Paulo Roberto Miranda. Amory, Alexandre de Morais.   Lubaszewski, Marcelo Soares.
A high-fault-coverage approach for the test of data, control, and handshake interconnects in mesh networks-on-chip. In: IEEE transactions on computers. New York.  Vol. 57, no 9 (Sept. 2008), p. 1202-1215.

Felipussi, Siovani Cintra.   Scharcanski, Jacob.   Comba, Joao Luiz Dihl.
Measuring statistical geometric properties of tomographic images of soils. In: IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. New York.  Vol. 57, no 11 (Nov. 2008), p. 2502-2512.

Fernandes, Leandro Augusto Frata.   Oliveira Neto, Manuel Menezes de.
Real-Time line detection through an improved Hough transform voting scheme.. In: Pattern Recognition, Amesterdam.  Vol. 41. (2008), p. 299-314 : il.

Fernandes, Leandro Augusto Frata.   Oliveira Neto, Manuel Menezes de.   Silva, Roberto da.
Uncertainty propagation: avoiding the expensive sampling process for real-time image-based measurements.. In: Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Amesterdam.  Vol. 52 (2008) p. 3852-3876 : il.

Freitas, Henrique Cota de.   Santos, Tatiana Gadelha Serra dos. Navaux, Philippe Olivier Alexandre.
Design of programmable NoC router architecture on FPGA for multi-cluster NoCs. In: Electronics Letters, Stevenage.  Vol. 44, no. 16 (2008), p.969-971.

Olszewski, Raphael.   Trevisan, Daniela Gorski.   Villamil, Marta Becker.   Nedel, Luciana Porcher.   Freitas, Carla Maria Dal Sasso.   Reychler, Hervé.   Macq, Benoit.
Towards an integrated system for planning and assisting maxillofacial orthognathic surgery. In: Computer methods and programs in biomedicine. Amsterdam.  Vol. 91, no. 1 (July 2008), p. 13-21.

Oyamada, Marcio Seiji.   Zschornack, Felipe.   Wagner, Flavio Rech.
Applying neural networks to performance estimation of embedded software.. In: Journal of Systems Architecture, Amesterdam.  Vol. 54. (2008), p. 224-240 : il.

Ritt, Marcus Rolf Peter.   Costa, Alysson Machado.   Mergen, Sérgio Luis Sardi.   Orengo, Viviane Moreira.
An integer linear programming approach for approximate string comparison. In: European Journal of Operational Research, Amsterdam. (2008),  [9] p.

Rubbo, Fernando Barden.   Machado, Rodrigo.   Moreira, Alvaro Freitas.   Ribeiro, Leila.   Nunes, Daltro Jose.
On the interaction of advices and raw types in AspectJ. In: Journal of Universal Computer Science, Austria.  Vol. 14, no. 21 (2008), p. 3534-3555.

Santos, Rafael Augusto Penna dos.   Scharcanski, Jacob.
Lossless and near-lossless digital angiography coding using a two-stage motion compensation approach. In: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, New York. Vol. 32, n. 5 (2008), p. 379-387 : il.

Silva, Roberto da.   Wirth, Gilson Inacio.   Brusamarello, Lucas.
An appropriate model for the noise power spectrum produced by traps at the SI-SiO2 interface : a study of the influence of a time-dependent Fermi level. In: Journal of statistical mechanics : theory and experiment, Bristol.  No. 2 (Out. 2008), [5 p.] : il., gráfs.

Silveira, Renato.   Silva Junior, Edson Prestes e.   Nedel, Luciana Porcher.
Managing coherent groups. In: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, New York. Vol. 19, n. 3-4 (2008), p. 295-305.

Vicari, Rosa Maria.   Flores, Cecilia Dias.   Seixas, Louise Marguerite Jeanty de.   Gluz, Joao Carlos.   Coelho, Helder Manuel Ferreira.
AMPLIA : a probabilistic learning environment. In: International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Amsterdam.  Vol. 18, n. 4 (2008), p. 347-373.

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Wirth, Gilson Inacio.   Silva, Roberto da.
Low-frequency noise spectrum of cyclo-stationary random telegraph signals. In: Electrical engineering = Archiv fur elektrotechnik, Berlin.  Vol. 90, no. 6 (June 2008), p. 435-441 : il.