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Publications | Journal Papers – 2006

Braganholo, Vanessa de Paula.
PATAXÓ : a framework to allow updates through XML views. In: ACM transactions on database systems. Vol. 31, n.3 (Sept. 2006), p. 839-886 : il.

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A framework for medical visual information exchange on the web. In: Computers in biology and medicine. Elmsford. Vol. 36, n. 4 (2006), p. 327-338 : il.

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Constraint-driven test scheduling for NoC-based systems. In: IEEE transactions on CAD of integrated circuits and systems. New York Vol. 25, no. 11 (Nov. 2006), p. 2465-2478 : il.

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Verifying object-based graph grammars : an assume-guarantee approach. In: Software and Systems Modeling, Berlin. Vol. 5, (2006), p. 289-311 : il.

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Short-time critical and coarsening dynamics of the classical three-dimensional Heisenberg. In: Journal of Statistical Mechanics : theory and experiment, Bristol. no. 10 (Oct. 2006), 18 p. : gráfs.

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A connectionist computational model for epistemic and temporal reasoning. In: Neural computation. Cambridge. Vol. 18, n. 7 (July 2006), p. 1711-1738 : il.

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Spotlights on Network Operations and Management Research in Latin America : a report on Lanoms 2005. In: Journal of network and systems management, Netherlands. Vol. 14, no. 1 (March 2006), p. 175-179.

Henes Neto, Egas. Ribeiro, Ivandro da Silva. Vieira, Michele Gusson. Wirth, Gilson Inacio. Kastensmidt, Fernanda Gusmão de Lima.
Using bulk built-in current sensors to detect soft errors. In: IEEE micro : chips, systems, software, and applications. Los Alamitos. p. 10-18 : il., gráfs.

Kastensmidt, Fernanda Gusmão de Lima. Kinzel Filho, Caio. Carro, Luigi.
Improving reliability of SRAM-based FPGAs by inserting redundant routing. In: IEEE transactions on nuclear science. New York . Vol. 53, no. 4 (Aug. 2006), p. 2060-2068 : il.

Machado, Julio Pereira. Menezes, Paulo Fernando Blauth.
Defining atomic composition in UML behavioral diagrams. In: Journal of universal computer science, Austria. Vol. 12, no. 7 (2006), p. 958-979 : il.

Machado, Rodrigo. Moreira, Alvaro Freitas. Galante, Renata de Matos. Moro, Mirella Moura.
Type-safe versioned object query language. In: Journal of universal computer science, Austria. Vol. 12, no. 7 (2006), p. 938-957 : il.

Orengo, Viviane Moreira. Huyck, Christian R..
Relevance feedback and cross-language information retrieval. In: Information processing and management : an international journal. Vol. 42, (2006), p. 1203-1217 : il.

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Detecting bad smells in aspectJ. In: Journal of universal computer science, Austria. Vol. 12, no. 7 (2006), p. 811-827 : il.

Scharcanski, Jacob.
Stochastic texture analysis for measuring sheet formation variability in the industry. In: IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. Vol. 55, n. 5 (Oct. 2006), p. 1778-1785 : il.

Scharcanski, Jacob.
Denoising and enhancing digital mammographic images for visual screening. In: Computerized medical imaging and graphics, New York. Vol. 30 (2006), p. 243-254 : il.

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Exploratory navigation based on dynamical boundary value problems. In: Journal of intelligent and robotic systems, Dordrecht. Vol. 45, no. 2 (Feb. 2006), p. 101-114 : il.

Silva, Roberto da. Wirth, Gilson Inacio. Brederlow, Ralf.
Novel analytical and numerical approach to modeling low-frequency noise in semiconductor devices. In: Physica a : statistical mechanics and its applications. Amsterdam. Vol. 362, no. 2 (Apr. 2006), p. 277-288 : il., gráfs.