Poster and Demo Presentation

For Poster and Demo Authors

Dear SVR demo and poster authors,

Thank you for your contribution to SVR 2016. We sent this email with instructions for the preparation and presentation of your poster/demo. So, read it carefully.

The Demo & Posters session will be on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 6.30pm.
Presenters are invited to set up their demos and posters on Tuesday, June 21 after 5:00 p.m.

Each demo will be allocated a space that includes a table and sockets.

Poster sizes will be no more than 84.1 x 118.9 cm (portrait orientation).

To increase the visibility of demo and poster presentations, we recommend that presenters are always available during the coffee-break time. In addition, demo and poster authors will each give a 60-second oral “teaser” presentation during a Fast-track Session.

The fast-track session will will be at the same day of the demo & posters session, right after the first keynote talk. The purpose of a fast-track is to tease, not to tell all. Rather than trying to deliver a compressed version of your full contribution, use your teaser to get the audience interested and intrigued in what they will find when they visit your demo and poster.

We need for each poster/demo one slide, which are going to be shown to the audience on the projector for 60 seconds. You can use the 60 seconds to talk about your slide, or play a video instead (the video must be embedded to the one-page slide).

The deadline for your slides and videos is 2pm on the same day of the demo/poster session (Wednesday, June 22nd). If you do not send any slides or video by the deadline, we are going to make a slide for you with just your poster title and author names. We will not allow requests to change slides or videos after the deadline!

Additional Notes:

  • The preferred file format for the slides is Powerpoint PPT or PPTX. Please consult with us before the deadline if you want to use a different file format.
  • If you use video in your slides, please embed it in the slides, and provide the video in MPEG or MOV format. If your video is in any other format, please send along the codec for MS Windows.
  • If you use video, please provide a backup slide we will use if the video doesn't work.

Thank you!
Poster/Demo Chairs