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My name is Ana Carolina Tomé Klock, and I am currently a researcher at the Tampere University (TAU) and a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). I've been researching about gamification, human-computer interaction, and education since 2014, and I am always open to collaborate in these or related topics.


Doctorate degree in Computer Science

03/2017 - Present

My Ph.D. project aims to promote ways to adapt game elements in gamified systems according to characteristics of user profiling, by encompassing knowledge from the areas of human-computer interaction, software engineering, artificial intelligence and games.

Master degree in Applied Computing

03/2015 - 02/2017

Master student in Applied Computing with a full scholarship, Member of the Computing in Education Research Group and Representative of the Collegiate between 2015 and 2016. In addition to participating in the Monitoring Program, I’ve researched in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, analyzing the influence of the application of the user-centered gamification in the interaction, communication, and performance of the students of an educational adaptive hypermedia system through a controlled experiment.

Professional experience


11/2019 - Present

Conducting empirical research, writing and publishing articles, meeting with companies, participating in conferences related to gamification in logistics.

Teaching "Informatics 101" and "Data Structures" disciplines to Bachelors in Biomedical Informatics, Biomedicine, Psychology, and Nutrition courses.

Ruby on Rails Developer

06/2014 - 02/2015

Developing gamified web applications for project management and business training, with Ruby and Javascript languages, MongoDB database, Git version control server, Scrum methodology, and HCI techniques.

ADVPL and Clipper Developer

09/2013 - 05/2014

Developing and improving the ERP system according to the needs of users from different sectors (e.g., HR, billing, tax, receipt, and maintenance). Knowledge of several business rules and SVN version control server.

ADVPL and Clipper Developer

11/2010 - 09/2013

Developing Shop Floor Control and Product Development modules, and improving the Planning and Production Control module. Knowledge of ADVPL and Clipper programming languages, Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs, Oracle and SQL Server databases and Team Foundation version control server.


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Ruby on Rails


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Data visualization



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