Short Bio
I was born in December 13, 1974 in João do Polêsine, a small town of Italian descendents (southern part of Brazil).

In March 1994, I left my parents place to study Computer Science at the Federal University of Santa Maria, RS-Brazil.
For 3,5 years I had a scholarship for studying with prof. Dr. Felipe Müller.

In March 1998, I left Santa Maria to start my Master's at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
at State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), in São Paulo state, under supervision of prof. Dr. Paulo Morelato França.
During my Master, I mostly worked with my advisor and Dr. Pablo Moscato.

In March 2000, I started my Ph.D. studies at UNICAMP with Paulo M. França.

In October, 2001 I moved to NJ, USA, to develop part of my Ph.D. studies at
AT&T Labs Research, under the supervision of Dr. Mauricio Resende.
Besides Mauricio, in AT&T Labs I mostly worked with Dr. Mikkel Thorup and Dr. David Johnson.

In January 2003, I moved back to Campinas, and in November of that year I finished my Ph.D.

From January 2004 till August 2005 I attended a Post-Doctoral program, under supervision of Prof. Stefano Leonardi,

at the Algorithm Engineering Group, Department of Computer and Systems Science, Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza",

Roma, Italy.

In December 2005 I applied to a position at the Computer Science department of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil,

and since May 2006 I am a professor (professora adjunta) in this department.

My main areas of interest are Algorithms and Optimization.