Adaptive Manifolds for Real-Time High-Dimensional Filtering

Application Examples

Eduardo S. L. Gastal
and Manuel M. Oliveira

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This document contains various examples illustrating some of the possible applications of our adaptive-manifold high-dimensional filter. Click on any image to open it in its original size.

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Click on any image to open it in its original size.

Edge-Aware Smoothing

Non-Local Means Denoising

Denoising with Additional Information

Detail Enhancement

Indirect Illumination Filtering

For these examples filtering was performed in a 8-D dimensional space, composed of 3-D scene position, 3-D normal vectors, and 2-D image space coordinates. The standard deviations of the filter were SIGMA_S = 32, SIGMA_NORMALS = 0.2, SIGMA_POSITIONS = 0.2. The scene lies inside a [-1,1]^3 cube.