Multi-agent System Product Lines (MAS-PLs) are the integration of two promising technologies: Multi-agent Systems (MASs) and Software Product Lines (SPLs). On the one hand, MASs provide a powerful abstraction to model features with autonomous and pro-active behavior. However, MAS methodologies have not addressed so far the need of developing large scale customized systems and little effort has been done in order to take advantage of software reuse techniques. Complex modern software systems, which tend to be context-aware, opened, autonomous and highly interactive, will be growingly needed in massive amounts. On the other hand, SPLs aim at developing system families with shorter time-to-market and lower costs by the exploitation of commonalities among family members.

In this context, the main goal of our research work is to propose a domain engineering process for developing MAS-PLs. It defines activities and work products, whose purposes include allowing agency variability and providing agency features traceability, both not addressed by current SPL and MAS approaches.

Research Interests

Multi-agent Systems, Software Product Lines, Domain Engineering, Software Process, Software Reuse, Aspect-Oriented Programming

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