Manuel Menezes de Oliveira Neto


Manuel M. Oliveira and Gary Bishop
Methods and Systems for Producing Three-Dimensional Images Using Relief Textures
Granted July 23, 2002, United States Patent 6,424,351.
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Vitor Pamplona, Manuel M. Oliveira, Ankit Mohan and Ramesh Raskar
Near Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment
Granted July 22, 2014, United States Patent 8,783,781 B2.
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Manuel M. Oliveira and Vitor Pamplona
Tailored Displays (Dispositivos de Exibição Configuráveis para Compensar Aberrações Visuais)
Applied May 07, 2013, PCT/BR2013/000154
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Gabriela Cé, Renato Oliveira Rosa and Manuel M. Oliveira
Apparatus for Digitization of Dental Structures, and Method for Recognition of Three-Dimensional Data of Dental Structures
International Publication Date: June 14, 2007
International Publication Number: WO 2007/065236 A2
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