Broadly, I work with network and services management. My main topics of interest are listed below. These topics are usually developed in the context of research projects, also listed below.

Topics of interest:

  • Management of network virtualization
  • Intent-based networking (IBN)
  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Visualization of network management information
  • Network programability

Current research projects:

  • MEICAN (co-chair) – Management Environment for Inter-domain Circuits in Advanced Networks [RNP]
  • NFV-Mentor (chair) – Network Functions Virtualization ManageENT & ORchestration [CNPq]
  • Green Cloud (chair) [FAPERGS]

Past research projects:

  • An Ecosystem for Virtualized Network Functions (Brazilian coordinator) [CAPES/FCT], together with Rui L. Aguiar (Portugal coordinator)
  • HYMAN – Management of hybrid networks [RNP]
  • Malia (co-chair) – IT Project Management [HP Labs], together with Luciano P. Gaspary
  • ChangeLedge (co-chair) – Template-based and rollback-enabled IT change management [HP Labs], together with Luciano P. Gaspary
  • GeMS: Model-based IT change management [HP Labs], together with Luciano P. Gaspary
  • GigaManP2P (chair) – P2P Infrastructure for the Management of Optical Networks [FINEP/RNP/UFRGS]
  • GigaIQoM (member) – Infrastructure for QoS Metering in Optical Networks [FINEP/RNP]
  • GT-Config (chair) – Network Configuration Workgroup [RNP]
  • GT-QoS2 (member) – QoS Metering Workgroup [RNP]
  • MetroPOA (member) – Rede Metropolitana da Grande Porto Alegre [CNPq/UFRGS]
  • IQoM (member) – Infrastructure for QoS Metering [CNPq]