Manuel Menezes de Oliveira Neto
   Professor of Computer Science

   Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
   Instituto de Informática
   Caixa  Postal 15.064
   91501-970  Porto Alegre, RS

   Building  43425  Office  219    phone: +55 (51) 3308-6821    fax: +55 (51) 3308-7308  
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I am interested in all aspects of Computer Graphics, but especially in the frontiers between Graphics, Image Processing, and Vision (both human and machine). This includes image and video filtering, deconvolution, computational photography, real-time and photorealistic rendering, measurements and corrections of human visual aberrations, image matting and compositing, sub-space detection, image-based modeling and rendering, and 3D photography. I am also very interested in medical and innovative uses of mobile technologies.

If you are interested in graduate studies (MS or PhD degrees) or in a post-doc position in these areas, please check my publications page and send me some e-mail.

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