In the academy many works related to different Information Systems are developed. We can find projects that cover areas as diverse as systems related to health, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Business Process Management (BPM), blockchain, etc. These works are usually associated with research proposals that, when they evolve, are mandatory to be evaluated, mainly with real case studies. In order to engage with these real case studies, academics look for collaboration with industry. On the other hand, the industry has a large number of real use cases but it needs to perform a formal and methodological evaluation. The problem is that on many occasions there is an important lack of connection between academy and industry. This connection and collaboration can be very challenging because it requires clear communication, mutual benefits, trust and confidentiality. While academics look for the evaluation of their research proposals with real case studies, industry looks for efficient and fast solutions for the development or modernization of their Information Systems. In this scenario it is very important that both academy and industry understand each other, so that their own collaboration expectations are successful.

The First Workshop on Academy Meets Industry in Information System Engineering brings the opportunity for academics, researchers and practitioners, including vendors and developers to discuss their mutual collaboration challenges and lessons learned in the field of Information System Engineering.