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Applying to the MSc Program

The POSCOMP examination is not required for foreign applicants residing outside Brazil, but is recommended for those who wish to apply for a scholarship granted by PPGC. Applicants who are not residents in Brazil who did not take POSCOMP can still apply for scholarships offered by PPGC if they have outstanding academic performance.

Instructions about the applicaton and the selection process are below. The online application form is available here.

Candidates must select one or more research areas of interest in order of preference. Additionally, they may also indicate an ordered list of advisors of their choice.

The following criteria are adopted in the selection process: 1) good academic record assessed by analysis of transcripts of the undergraduate course and letters of recommendation, 2) professional experience, undergraduate research activities, evaluated by an analysis of  the CV and letters of recommendation, 3) adequacy of the candidate’s profile to the research areas selected.